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Defoor Proformance Shooting and HSG Join Forces for “Made in the USA” Series

High Speed Gear is pleased to announce that Kyle Defoor of Defoor Proformance Shooting and HSG have joined forces for his “Made in the USA Series”. Kyle is a premier firearms instructor, actively teaching firearms and tactics to military, law enforcement, and civilians. Given his vast knowledge gained as a decorated special operator with combat experience he brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the support gear he selects. We are humbled that Kyle choose our Battle Proven Tactical Nylon Gear as part of his series.

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11 Responses to “Defoor Proformance Shooting and HSG Join Forces for “Made in the USA” Series”

  1. bluenoser says:

    Special operator

  2. Kyle Defoor says:

    FYSA- I purposely choose vague descriptions in regards to my experience and to use the term special operator. I realize I could get a lot more likes on FB, followers on IG and articles in magazines if I chose to fly the flag and toot the horn but that’s not me, it has no purpose in non gov classes except to self inflate ego and it doesn’t go well with my employees and company whose business is 90-95% federal. I don’t understand individuals that talk about themselves more than needed, sell out their heritage they swore to protect or have a resume that’s longer than this article…….But that’s just me

    Kyle Defoor

    • Mike D says:

      +1 Being a quiet professional actually has some merit to it at times.

    • bluenoser says:


      Thank you for taking the time to wade in personally. I was struck by the choice of words based on its difference from the barrage seen elsewhere. In that way, it very much looks like you’ve succeeded in the intention for quiet professionalism.

      Best of luck with the partnership and your future endeavours,


    • Joe says:

      Another reason I choose to train with KD.

    • mike says:

      One of the many many reasons you’re the real deal. I’ve known a lot of quiet men having grown up in Virginia Beach and you do them all a service with your humility and good attitude.