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Perroz Designs – Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier (LPSPC)


Perroz Designs’ Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier, or LPSPC, is a minimal, lightweight plate carrier, designed to be worn underneath garments with zero printing. It is made of 500D Cordura nylon, solution dyed, made to MIL-C-43734D Class 3 standard.


– 3D spacer mesh 3mm padding inner material.
– 35oz. DuPont Hypalon shoulder-straps.
– 35oz. DuPont Hypalon cummerbund – fully MOLLE compatible.
– Small admin pouch (5 in wide x 4 in high). Velcro sealable with three 2 in elastic loops internally.
– ITW QASM (Quick Attach Surface Mount) buckles included. Swift-Clip compatible for chest rigs, etc.
(Buckles are removable – three different mounting height options).
– Large loop Velcro® surface (10.25 in wide x 6 in high).
– 3/4″ Solution Dyed Nylon Webbing pull-tabs.
– Velcro One-Wrap loops for comms wire routing, hydration tubes, etc.
– Reinforced plate pocket stitching.
– Optional removable shoulder pads.

Made in Canada.


7 Responses to “Perroz Designs – Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier (LPSPC)”

  1. Digging it that they have Multicam arid as an option.

  2. John says:

    “made to MIL-C-43734D Class 3 standard”

    So it’s dyed Olive Green 106? Sometimes I feel like people don’t actually read the standards they claim to be designing equipment to…

    Nothing against this particular carrier design, or Perroz Designs, as it’s something that appears to be happening in almost every industry.

  3. act-a-fool/tacticool says:

    I really like this plate carrier. Really want to pick it up, but am short on funds atm. I think what makes this really marketable is the lightweight cummerbund system that is still molle, built in qasm buckles, and the host of options. I wasn’t happy seeing it without shoulder pads, but you can choose to get some with on the order. It’s also amazing that you can choose what material you want on the back and the camo options. Really interested in this product and will potentially pick up in the future…just need to decide between AOR1 or multicam arid

  4. Sgt A says:

    This thing is seriously light, and in every other regard a completely customize-able carrier. Just waiting to get mine modified and back so I can run it through the ringer.

    As far as the solution dye process goes, I’m really not to picky on that as it usually is relevant in solids, and the printed patterns are going to be their own deal. In solid (Mine is in Coyote) it’s actually the slight mismatch in a lot of the solid colors that actually makes the full kit look better.

  5. WillG says:

    This plate carrier is super light weight and well built. I have always liked how Perroz Designs is never satisfied with their products and constantly seeks input from end users.

    Perroz designs is very selective as to the materials that they use as well. Right down to the thread.

  6. CamK says:

    I know first hand that this is a company that listens to the end-user first and is entirely dedicated to meeting, if not exceeding any and all of our nylon needs. Priviledged to have a local company that is so versatile and accommodating for what we need when we go into harms way.

  7. I’ve had the privilege to work in conjunction with Perroz with some of his R&D, and can confirm what some of the other commenters have mentioned about Milan always looking to improve his products. Critiques are taken seriously, and considered with each generation. Great to see more Canadian companies getting out there.