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Line Of Fire – Honeywell / D3O Level III Armor Product Brief

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ELITE Product brief

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13 Responses to “Line Of Fire – Honeywell / D3O Level III Armor Product Brief”

  1. Jimmy Johnson says:

    Where in U.S. can we find these?

    • Tim says:

      Southwest Armor: 210-920-0792

      If this will stop SS109 Green Tip it’s the next Wonder Bread. I kinda doubt it will though. I bet it’s just another HMWPE polymer plate.

      Why are manufacturer’s so dumb/sleazy marketing this stuff to LE in the US when any Tom, Dick, or Harry can go buy a can of M855 at Walmart all day long?

      • mike says:

        It is the responsibility of anyone buying or wearing armor to know what rounds their plate will and will not stop.

        • Evets Steve says:

          bullshit. my responsibility ? what magic thing happens when I “know what rounds my armor will stop”? All the knowledge in the world will not change the weapon pointed at me from behind cover.

          All armor is a trade off between weight&expense in relation to the expected operating environment. plenty of people wearing armor do not expect to ever encounter rifle fire, only handguns.

        • Bill says:

          Unfortunately, we don’t get the opportunity to find out ahead of time or during a fight what the bad guy is shooting at us. I would think in the military you could make some assumptions based on the prevalent small arms, but I’ve known cops who’ve ben killed with everything from .22 rimfire and .25 ACP up to 7mm Rem Mag. Our armor is always a compromise.

          I’d really like some form of concealable hard plate that would provide torso protection in other than shootings also, such as car crashes.

          • SSD says:

            For the military, the intelligence community tells the requirements people what the threat is and they write a spec based on a swap between likely threat, industry’s capability and value (weight and bulk, cost, etc).

  2. Contractor says:

    Wonder how it does against M855A1

    • Joe.G says:

      As far as I understand it right now, none of the poly type plates defeat M855/M855A1.

  3. SB_Pete says:

    1580 grams = 3.48 lbs

  4. .308 says:

    I cant believe this company still exists?

  5. XXX says:

    Plain old polymer plates. Nothing new to see here folks. Move along.

    “Hi XXX,

    The M855 green tip is classified as being above a level 3 threat due to it’s tungsten penetrator core designed to go through body armor. While there is to date no formal NIJ category that the green tip falls under, the industry has classified armor capable of stopping this round as level 3+. The Elite plate is classified as level 3, and is not capable of stopping it at close range.

    We are currently working on a fully composite plate that is capable of stopping the m855, but we have not completed development. We will make a formal announcement once the design has been finalized and has been rigorously tested with NIJ approved testing facilities.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Kind Regards,

    Rene Bremmer
    Line Of Fire Inc.

    Sent from my iPad”

    • SSD says:

      Level III means Level III.

    • Steve Day says:

      I don’t know where you are getting your info from, but M855 ball does not contain any Tungsten.

      Perhaps you are thinking of the Military M995 armor piercing ammunition?