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BE Meyers Helo and HMMWV Combat Application

BEM Helo Still 1

BE Meyers and Dillon Aero join forces to showcase the capabilities of the BE Meyers IZLID and Glare RECOIL combined with the Dillion Aero M134D. The IZLID works as a high powered targeting laser pointer, while the Glare RECOIL acts as an intelligent eye-safe Hail and Warning (less than lethal) laser which automatically adjusts it brightness to eye safe levels up to maximum distance.

BE Meyers Helo and HMMWV Combat Application from B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. on Vimeo.



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2 Responses to “BE Meyers Helo and HMMWV Combat Application”

  1. Patrick says:

    Miniguns with frickin’ lasers.

  2. mcs says:

    Big, brilliant, double-edged swords, those pointers.
    Hopefully our guys remain judicious in their application.