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SilencerCo – New Merchandise

SilencerCo has released a new merchandise line of apparel, including shirts and headwear, for men, women, and even the kids.


19 Responses to “SilencerCo – New Merchandise”

  1. .308 says:

    wow brutal… this is pretty much everything wrong with this industry….in less than two minutes.. shudder…. how much cash is this company throwing at “lifestyle marketing” whoa!

    • What’s wrong with this and what’s wrong with the “industry”? Please enlighten us.

      Lifestyle marketing moves product and build the necessary relationship. You want a video of people shooting cans, YouTube has thousands of them and SilencerCo has them, too.

      Bikes, the high desert, and guns are cool, simple as that… which is why so many companies are adopting this strategy, borrowing it from industries where it is proven to work. You want to sell to “millenials” and build those long lasting relationships? The product showcase doesn’t cut it anymore.

      • .308 says:

        I just find it classless, unprofessional and unoriginal..

        Whats wrong with the industry? A lack of class for the most part…

        Is the average consumer so myopic that all they need to see is a “cool” scene of chicks, cars, guns and a fire in the desert to get them going??

        • NP says:


          Are you expecting their marketing to be full of Ultra-Serious-Tactical-Stealth-Oper8tors doing super awesome tactical missions? Because that’s never been done before….

        • If you have an issue with guns and motorcycles then give a good distance to Kyle Defoor…

        • Ben says:

          I kind of got the impression of classy, what with the nice cars and such. It was certainly more professional than some weapons ads, being clean and all.

        • Washington says:

          this exclusionary old timer attitude the gun community has had for so long is why it’s predominately white redneck types ranting in gun stores about how soft on crime we are, and you using the word “myopic” is beyond hilarious

    • Joe says:

      Could you expand on this? I don’t see anything in the video that I disagree with at all. In fact, I believe companies such as Silencerco, Magpul, Noveske and even Erathr3 are doing a fantastic job at trying to reach new audiences. There are plenty of other firearms/accessory companies who cater specifically to the classic gun owner demographic, and I think it’s vital to reach young adults and show them the industry has room for everyone. Are their marketing styles contemporary? Yeah. And that’s wonderful. Not all gun owners are the same, and I think it’s exciting to see companies begin to represent the variations.

      • Ben says:

        I’d perhaps like to expand on the point about young adults and youth. They really are the future of the industry-they will be the ones joining the military, serving their community as an officer of the peace, or simply being responsible, well-armed citizens. In my opinion, they are the future of the industry-what better way to solidify the industry? It seems this is kind of lost on some blogs. I personally think Silencerco has some of the best advertising in the business.

    • Justin M. says:

      Jeeze man what do you have against women and children??

    • DEEBEES says:

      Im a girl, i ride a motorcycle and i shoot guns in the desert. I must be classless and whats wrong with this industry.

  2. Dellis says:

    Um, this was about “merchandise” which fits into a “lifestyle”, correct?

    I didn’t see anything wrong with it

  3. maresdesign says:

    Reaching out to a new and expanding customer base = Smart.

  4. Gabe says:

    If we want our gun rights to remain, we need guns to be deeply embedded in pop culture. AR15s need to be so cool that every damn hipster wants one. If you don’t have that level of guns being cool, then your guns will disappear against your will.

    Silencerco has got marketing figured out. The number of gun product companies that “get it” is growing and thank god because we all win. That’s why I encourage all the crazy tacti-cool gadgets that I won’t buy but it grows the black rifle fanboy club which is awesome. Jesse James is trying his hand at it and I think his rifles are ridiculous and over-priced, but I hope he sells the crap outta them and I hope celebrities are seen with them. If black rifles are in every damn house, the Liberal scum can’t take them away.

    NRA put out a series of lifestyle videos which hopefully brought in some people. Guntry Clubs are popping up in a few cities and attracting a lot of attention. Recoil magazine is selling lot hotcakes because they “get it” too.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Making the scary black rifle as cool as the latest i-product will make it impossible for them to be taken away.

    Way to go Silencerco, another kickass video!

  5. DevDoc says:

    At least their tshirts and marketing is good.

  6. jayson says:

    oh, shit…i thought it was a Mumford and Sons music video…it was about the “shooting lifestyle”…oh yeah…so dang hipster…

  7. airborne_fister says:

    Do they make skinny jeans that will hold my sig mk25 with a suppressor and a surefire x400 with a green laser? If not I’m still in.