B.E. Meyers / Dillon Aero – HMMWV And Ground Based Combat Applications

BEM HMMWV and Ground Based Combat Applications from B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. on Vimeo.

B.E. Meyers and Dillon Aero join forces to showcase the capabilities of the high powered B.E. Meyers IZLID Ultra and DIAL 100G weapon lasers combined with the Dillion Aero M134D in ground based applications.

The IZLID Ultra is a Class 4 laser with a 990mW power output, resulting in a 7 kilometer maximum range which can be observed by aircraft and friendly forces with standard NODs. The DIAL 100G (AN/PEQ11) is a Class IIIB laser with a 110mW Illuminator and 40mW pointer, optimized for use on crew served weapons and is in service with various branches of the military today.

The control, precision and restraint provided by BE Meyer’s military grade lasers combined with the firepower of the Dillon Aero M134D makes for a potent package.

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One Response to “B.E. Meyers / Dillon Aero – HMMWV And Ground Based Combat Applications”

  1. darrel says:

    That is just awesome. BE Meyers makes some absolutely wicked lasers. Forget about shooting your target with a gun, just shine a 1W IR Laser into their face and they’ll probably stop firing back