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Top 5 Topics That Bring Out The Trolls

There are several subjects that I just hate to introduce on SSD because they invariably end up in a troll fest.  

1. Caliber discussions

2. Weapons lubricant

3. Holsters

4. Camouflage

5. Expensive Clothing

Any others?

159 Responses to “Top 5 Topics That Bring Out The Trolls”

  1. Patrick says:

    Weapon lubricant? Really? I hadn’t really noticed that one before. I’m going to have to pay closer attention.

    The camouflage comments are usually at least entertaining, it’s the expensive clothing comments that drive me up the wall.

  2. davo says:

    safety manipulation during reloads….(use it!!!!)
    red dot vs. iron sight on pistols
    military vs. mil sim
    jade helm taking over the world……….

  3. DV says:

    Piston vs Direct Impingement

    • elliot says:

      Dear god, this.

    • Mandaloin says:

      Agree on this as well. On that post Frank Proctor made about how he got his DI AR to what, 30k rounds? You still had people in the comments saying they’d never leave pistons because of how much more reliable they are.

  4. Dellis says:

    It’s the caliber topics that bring out the grand poopa trolls! Especially “9mm vs 40mm”

    I would include expensive gear along with clothing.

  5. Chuck says:

    AR-15 vs. AK 47

  6. Ace says:

    Summer is high season for trolls- schools is out, mom’s basement is extra stuffy and there’s no more hot pockets in the freezer.

  7. Alex says:

    Safeties on Glocks!

  8. Jon says:

    Anything Travis Haley

    Anything Chris Costa

    Competition vs Tactical

    off of the top of my head thats it…..

    MOM!!!!!! MEATLOAF!!!!!

  9. Trvs says:

    Personal Lubricant (KY, Astroglide, Spit-on-it)

  10. jjj0309 says:

    James Yeager

    • straps says:

      When you take the name of a SMU in vain, abandon all hope if you hear attentively-maintained turbines pushing “stealthed” rotors.

      When you take the name of James Yeager in vain, take up a position of concealment if you hear an out-of-tune full-size SUV pushing mudders.

  11. Bill says:

    Anything posted on Glock Talk.

  12. Tungsten says:


  13. Patrick says:

    expensive anything truthfully

  14. Dellis says:

    I think a post on trolls has brought out trolls…eh?

  15. defensor fortismo says:

    Concealed carry tactics, carry position, loaded versus empty chamber, hell open versus concealed.

  16. Liam says:

    Krav maga 0-up and chickenwinging.

  17. SloppyJoe says:

    Here are the answers to end the trollfest.

    1. Caliber discussions
    2. Weapons lubricant
    3. Holsters
    4. Camouflage
    5. Expensive Clothing
    People wear clothes other than ranger panties?

  18. phatelvis77 says:

    Army vs. Marines

  19. Ajax says:

    Military Morons/James Yeager/Airsoft.

  20. ZK says:

    Anything Air Force related.

  21. Jack says:


  22. Matt says:

    Regardless SSD is a great Industry page!!!!!

  23. BAP45 says:

    I do have to say I feel for you SSD. I could not handle running the site for more than a day before having a meltdown.

    • I love lamp says:

      Maybe one day he’ll share some of the stories about the comments that are way out there.

  24. orly? says:

    Jade Helm

  25. Eric B says:

    SWAT, LE wearing camoflauge, helmets, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    • Grayson says:


      What is a ‘yadda?’

      And, on what part of the body is it worn? 😉

  26. Ben says:

    Glock v M&P

  27. Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge
    If Gore-Tex works or not

  28. Lex says:

    Whether Heidegger erred in ignoring the dialectical dimensions of human existence.
    Also: nutritional supplements; Hyperstealth; the word “tactical.”

  29. william says:

    Gotta love my Arc’teryx.

  30. blehtastic says:

    5. Expensive Clothing – nobody cares that special operations puts out a requirement for a smock with a short lead time and unique specifications and is willing to pay $1k EA for them.

    What pisses me off, and anyone else that’s paying attention, is when Tyr Tactical and other offendors put that, very clearly, developmental item up on a website somewhere just to abuse the procurement process and try to push a contracting officer into a COTS procurement.

    It’s nonsense, it’s unethical, and if that crap ever crossed my desk you can bet your ass that I’d take the afternoon off to go explain to Martha’s house of doilies in Amish country about how DoD would love to help their HUBZONE small business’s profit margin.

    I guess if we’re ever lucky enough to get the NFA repealed, JDAMs will just be another commercial item. Who needs cost and pricing data when the financials of your vendor are so solid they’re willing to prove that they can get a PayPal account?

    How about you stick to defending our outdated and anticapitalist patent regime SSD? Surely there’s a company printing a camo pattern out there somewhere that shares one color with multicam that Crye Precision hasn’t sued into bankruptcy yet.

    • SSD says:

      I look forward to the day that you own a company or work for one that has to turn a profit.

      • blehtastic says:

        If you’re offering goods to the public and your business model isn’t based on high volume, low profit per unit, then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

        • SSD says:

          I know of numerous businesses that defy that logic. Ever heard of Lamborghini?

          • MtMedic says:

            This is better than lube. Angry texting.. me thinks he’s mad ..

            • SSD says:

              I think it’s a chick.

              • blehtastic says:

                I’m a guy. Italian, not Latino.

                “To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.”

                Our patent and copyright laws have completely abandoned any observance of “limited times” and are blatantly unconstitutional and anti-capitalist. No constitutional patent or copyright would be valid for longer than a decade. No constitutional trademark would remain valid for longer than a decade of inactivity.

                • mike says:

                  Going to go out on a limb here and say you’ve never gambled our own time, money, and the financial future of your family bringing a product to market or building a company from scratch.

          • Armchair Warlord says:

            The US government doesn’t contract with Lamborghini. And if it did it would be fraud, waste and abuse.

            Your point, SSD?

            • SSD says:

              The point is that there are a wide variety of profitable companies that manufacture low density, low demand products.

              • Armchair Warlord says:

                …and sell them for a fair price?

                • SSD says:

                  Once again, come tell us all about your experience once you either launch a company or go to work somewhere that actually has to turn a profit.

                  • Armchair Warlord says:

                    Last I checked the family business was doing just fine providing quality service at a fair price.

                    In my own personal line of work, I could tell you all about my considerable experience dealing with slimy contractors providing incompetent service to the government at wildly inflated prices. People would be in prison now if I had my way.

                    And I also point out the irony of being lectured about work experience by someone who shills tactical gear on a blog for a living. How’s your company going?

                    • SSD says:

                      Most companies that build low density, low demand products are family businesses. There’s not much profit in that line of work so publicly traded companies won’t touch it. Perhaps if you actually dealt with those types of requirements you’d have a better comprehension of what you are so free to talk about.

                      As for SSD, your computer has an “off” button. Feel free to avail yourself of it since you find us so offensive.

                    • Armchair Warlord says:

                      Family businesses that can afford armies of lawyers and elaborate marketing apparatuses, apparently. I also notice that your rage-on about the Army’s camouflage procurement practices has nothing to do with low-density, low-demand products, but rather with a commodity – military uniforms, manufactured in vast quantities. Lots of cash sloshing around there.

                      This – hilariously – coming from what is essentially an advertising service for tactical companies masquerading as an impartial blog.

                      I enjoy this. You could stop replying, considering you’re obviously in a white-hot rage.

                    • SSD says:

                      You’re the one who butted in to the discussion about low density, low demand products. For some reason, you really want to talk about MultiCam. You are obsessed with Crye Precision even though you have absolutely nothing to do with camouflage procurement.

                      I’m not mad at all. I can laugh at you all night. How many nuts and bolts did you order last week? That PLL up to snuff?

                    • Armchair Warlord says:

                      “I’m not angry, this is funny.”

                      This from someone who can write lengthy essays on how the Big, Bad Government is wronging poor widdle Caleb Crye. Clearly you’re mad as hell and banging the refresh button every five seconds.

                      And, ah, the irony of a paid blogger attempting to mock military personnel for… doing their jobs? If you’re trying to insult me I’m not sure where your point is.

                    • SSD says:

                      Do your job. Order some grid squares, flight line and prop wash.

                    • Armchair Warlord says:

                      All that being said, I’m going to butt out now.

                      I don’t want you to start moderating comments again. 😉

                    • SSD says:

                      You probably need to go inventory toilet paper, buffer pads and skillcraft pens.

                    • I love lamp says:

                      Eric, you’ve really pulled in the trolls on this one. I think that guy might end up stalking you. Make sure your wife and kids stay safe bro.

                    • SSD says:

                      Gee, thanks. What about me?

                    • I love lamp says:

                      Come on man, everybody wishes your wife was available. j/k

                  • blehtastic says:

                    Hey Guise! Business is hard! You don’t even know!

                    Get a clue. If you’re not making money, that’s your indication that it’s time to do something else. Not that you should double down, find some failures in the government procurement process, and figure out how to screw over taxpayers by figuring out how to reliably get awards for $1000 toilet seats.

                    • SSD says:

                      You don’t really see that anymore. What you do see are gold plated requirements that mean the product is going to cost more coupled with DLA acting like a business and tacking a surcharge on to everything ordered through the stock system.

                      Some low density requirements are going to exist. They aren’t common, but they are there. Take for example anything used on the B2. The items are critical but you’ll never buy enough for thousands, or even hundreds of planes. The average company isn’t going to deal with these types of things. They won’t build a lot of them and they won’t be consumed very quickly but they have to be very high quality and you will never sell them commercially. That costs.

                      At times, other specialized organizations have low density requirements. It’s all the same. Some items can be sold commercially, but often they can’t.

                    • blehtastic says:


                      Low Density and developmental = Totally OK!
                      When we need special stuff and you factor in R&D costs, or get an R&D + FFP or R&D + IDIQ that’s awesome. Show us how the state of your art can help America’s warfighters.

                      Low Density with COTS assertion by the vendor = No. Shutup. Quit being ridiculous and go subcontract to REI or something because you’re way too shady to get one cent of taxpayer dollars.

                    • SSD says:

                      You’ve said you’re particularly upset about clothing. Have you looked into what it costs to manufacture it?

                      Also, you do realize that the government doesn’t pay the price you see listed on a website right?

                • SSD says:

                  Yes, a fair price is what the market will bear. Of course, the customer can always go elsewhere and sometimes it does. So goes capitalism, or as long as it will last with socialists working to undermine business at every turn.

                  • Terry B. says:

                    I learn something new here everyday SSD.

                    I never realized that taking out a patent to protect your innovation and intellectual property was anti-capitalist?

                    Damn! And here I always thought that ownership of what you create was actually the cornerstone capitalism.


                    • SSD says:

                      No, not anymore. Now, profiting from hard work and creativity is counter-revolutionary. Your inventions should be the peoples’ property, your hard work should benefit each according to his need.

                  • majrod says:

                    Yes, but when the customer goes elsewhere they shouldn’t be persecuted ad infinitum for not buying from the vendor.

                    This is especially true when the vendor isn’t suing for copyright infringement but SSD takes it upon itself to champion the issue…

                    (FWIW, I’m with you on fair price. Too many times gov’t entities think company owners are driving Ferraris when the profit isn’t that much. They also don’t realize gov’t regulation increases the price of doing business. The last Gov’t contract I did I had to raise the price 30% to pay for the time and effort to comply with the Gov’ts regulations on how I do business and submit my proposal.)

                    • SSD says:

                      One more time. Crye isn’t doing anything because they don’t have to. They are being compensated. The Army is trying to figure out how to keep them from being paid.

                      The only group upset about the situation is the Army which continues to come up with goofy ways to try and avoid paying for what they want, which is MultiCam.

                      The Army could have chosen any one of 100s of patterns but it decided it wanted MultiCam, which is fine. The thing is that someone owns that product, and it’s not the Army.

                      It’s like wanting to drink Coke but wanting to get it for free because you feel like you’ve already paid them enough for all the bottles you drank over the years. You go to the bottler and tell him you want some and then get upset when the bottler pays Coca-Cola their cut when they sell you a bottle.

                    • Armchair Warlord says:

                      The Army does, however, have a license to use Scorpion royalty-free and wants to pay as little for it as possible. Like any good steward of taxpayer money.

                      What part of that do you not understand?

                    • SSD says:

                      It that were true, then why are they paying a royalty?

                    • Armchair Warlord says:

                      If printers want to pay Crye out of the goodness of their hearts, that’s their problem.

                      The government also doesn’t have to continue do business with them when they get outbid by someone not so kind-hearted.

                    • SSD says:

                      Since all of the printers are paying Crye, I’d say that they want to honor their contractual obligations.

                      The Army has been scheming really hard to avoid paying for what they want. They haven’t found someone to to print fabric yet that isn’t paying the royalty.

                    • Armchair Warlord says:

                      All the Army needs to do is insist that they pay the same for Scorpion as they did for UCP fabric, and any unnecessary royalties to Crye come directly out of printers’ profit margins and not from the taxpayer. Which, AFAIK, they’re doing.

                      If printers don’t want to make money, that’s their problem. And as you just pointed out, the profit motive is quite strong.

                    • SSD says:

                      They’ve tried. Guess what? They’re still purchasing ACUs that are made from OCP printed fabric and wrapped up in the cost of that uniform is a royalty to Crye for printing the pattern on the fabric.

                      All they have to do is negotiate. For some reason they won’t.

                    • Armchair Warlord says:

                      Price of fabric isn’t changing (and if it is it’s certainly not changing because the printers need to pay Crye), so any money to Crye comes out of printers’ profit margins rather than the taxpayer’s pocket. What printing companies do with their profit is not really the government’s business.

                      Of course, all these folks will be underbid eventually by someone not paying a royalty, so it’s an irrelevance. Economics at work.

                    • SSD says:

                      Except that domestic fabric printers only exist for one reason and that is the U.S. Military. There are fewer printers now than a few years ago because the military stopped consuming at the rate it used to. A new printer would have to stand up in order to print scorpion for the Army and I’d hazard a guess that Crye would sue them once they started printing in order to be compensated for the use of their IP.

                      There was already an opportunistic former government employee who was working for a small printer that was trying to work a deal to get government money in order to boost his employer. All while existing printers lay fallow. That didn’t go over well.

                      Crye didn’t force the Army to adopt MultiCam or to later try to make an end run with the lesser performing Scorpion. They did that all their own. Every issue they’ve run into was their own doing, even the printers having contracts with Crye Precision. The Army insisted on additional licensees once they adopted MultiCam for use in Afghanistan.

                  • Washington says:

                    lmao, got an old man yelling at a cloud here

            • Brett says:

              Sure it does…it’s called Lockheed/Martin.

        • mike says:

          “If you’re offering goods to the public and your business model isn’t based on high volume, low profit per unit, then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.”

          What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

          • Roboknee30 says:

            Boy… That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. Brick killed a guy!

  31. Bradkaf308 says:

    Capitolism vs free enterprise
    Blue berets coming to take over U.S. With Isis during Jade Helm.
    Tactical, performance, titanium.

  32. AMurf35 says:

    How about the term operator?

  33. S1 says:

    $200 range pants.

  34. Lightfighter says:

    Pont shooting vs sighted fire

  35. Tim says:

    Lego vs Building blocks

  36. Rocko says:

    I got one…John Willis of SOE

    • Fernando says:

      Never understood that one. The guy has a particular way of dealing with customers. If it’s not for you then take your business somewhere else. Pretty simple.

  37. Bradkaf308 says:

    Gadget Striker Control, as I mentioned at the gadgets post. Just keep trolling, what do we do, la la la

  38. Greg says:

    SSD deploys decoy pressure relief post.

    Result: Success!

    • SSD says:

      I can always shut the comments off but this is more entertaining.

      • I love lamp says:

        You promised not to. if you got rid of commenting I’d have to hear you complain on the phone about people who can’t read and who are jerks. It used to be fun to watch you mess with them. You’ve been quiet lately, it’s like you’ve lost your mojo.

  39. Phil says:

    can’t believe I’m the first one to post this one:

    design copies/ripoffs or anything along those lines

  40. vdmsr says:

    Best instructor.


    Application of force.

    “I carry for me and mine.”

    • SSD says:

      Now that’s a good one

      • vdmsr says:

        I am going to do a write-up for the “I carry for me and mine” concept.

        It will not cover anything that is typical and tripe, I am going to piss more than a few people off.

  41. I love lamp says:

    Troll achievement unlocked dude!

  42. Jon says:

    Wait what???? How has no one mentioned….


    • Ajax says:

      Shoot. Didn’t think of that one. Well played, sir.

    • defensor fortismo says:

      That’s kind of what I meant when I brought up carry positions, but then I decided to include some other topics.

  43. Eric B says:

    Blackhawk Serpa holsters

  44. SqueeDab says:

    definition of the word “warrior”

    Application of 4S rule

    (some very good ones mentioned already)

  45. Ned says:

    Some of the smaller forums & blogs are getting bad about it. It takes awhile sometimes to figure it out but once you spot the signs it becomes easy. They did not have credability anyway.

  46. RE Factor Tactical says:

    Medical equipment always attracts some serious experts…

  47. Lightfighter says:

    Using tampons for penetrating trauma / gunshots

  48. Jeff says:

    the confederate flag an racism

  49. Jeff says:


  50. Bill says:

    Man up. You have two options

    1 shutdown SSD. Or,
    2 close down comments

    I see some trolls, I also see some comments you take as trolling because you have no experience in the item you posted. Some items are useful, some look like fun but Not everything posted on here is a good idea.