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Top 5 Topics That Bring Out The Trolls

There are several subjects that I just hate to introduce on SSD because they invariably end up in a troll fest.  

1. Caliber discussions

2. Weapons lubricant

3. Holsters

4. Camouflage

5. Expensive Clothing

Any others?

159 Responses to “Top 5 Topics That Bring Out The Trolls”

  1. TM says:

    Topics which invite trolling:

    1. Caliber discussions

    2. Weapons lubricant

    3. Holsters

    4. Camouflage

    5. Expensive Clothing

    6. Trolling

    Unfortunately, as a topic on trolling seems to invariably invite more trolling, this may lead to a snowball effect. How about reverse psychology? An article titled “A sincere thanks from SSD to enthusiastic, expert commentators: Couldn’t do it without you!”

  2. Danke says:

    The top five topics that bring out the tr,,,,,,,,,,,, the top six topics that bring out the trolls.

  3. Jake Nosnaws says:

    Quantum physics. This shit is controversial.

  4. Bill says:

    High bore axis.

  5. Uniform223 says:

    These two always create a shit storm in military aviation… F-35 and V-22

  6. Andrew says:

    My particular favourite is Guy Cramer. I love that guy.

  7. Historia says:

    This thread apparently is the hottest topic

  8. Strike-Hold says:

    Wow, nobody mentioned 5.11 yet?

  9. Fernando says:

    Anything to do with Chris Costa.

  10. Brett says:


  11. Mr. Janky says:

    It’s a shame that those of us that come to SSD for a daily industry update are continually subjected to the ramblings of the poser douche.

    The poser douche knows everything about everything. He’s on the side of socialism when the rest of us are on the side capitalism.

    He was never issued a specific weapon but he knows more about it than those who put thousands upon thousands of rounds through the one they were issued by Uncle Sam.

    He’s also a manufacturing guru and knows the cost of labor and business.

    The poser douche can spot a counterfeit or knock-off widget a mile away on FB or Instagram. He almost always calls them out online even if the company he defends knocked off the widget that’s been in the hands of real users for years.

    The poser douche loves all of the JSOC buzz words and uses them extensively.

    He’s also a textiles and fabrics expert and requests online that everyone hurry up to make products to support his needs (think Tiger Stripe webbing or something similarly unimportant).

    The poser douche holds his gear/apparel to a higher standard and he loves this forum because he can show off his tactical-know-how-prowess (X course he attended with X instructor).

    The poser douche is also very clever and sometimes just comments “+1” when a real user jumps in the conversation. Instant cred!

    Cost is very important to the poser douche because he doesn’t get issued the cool guy stuff. It’s very likely that he combs eBay for used items (usually AOR camo stuff).

    The poser douche usually name drops as a part of his vernacular. It may be his favorite instructor or his favorite tier 1 unit- these vary depending on world events or social media stature.

    The poser douche can instantly identify other poser douches online. He usually calls them out with comments such as “cool story bro” or makes the casual “+1” when someone else legit calls them out.

    Here’s to you, poser douche! May you fester in online anonymity!

  12. Logan F. Crooks says:

    The use of tourniquets and short shorts.

  13. chris says:

    Troll lubricant