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RMJ Tactical – Tengu Ono Now Available


Created by ‘Naked and Afraid’ contestant and Army veteran Hakim Isler, the Tengu Ono (Forest Spirit Axe) offers the following capabilities:

Shaving and slicing – a good cutting blade.
Chopping – heavy chopper for shelter material
Hammering – important to assist in making traps
Sawing – notch making and clean cuts.
Hooking – reach extender for moving logs and clearing debris and avoiding bites.
Precision slicing – for processing game

These tools are made by RMJ Tactical for Hakim.



24 Responses to “RMJ Tactical – Tengu Ono Now Available”

  1. Going to say that axe looks very familiar. Cool team up Black MacGyver and RMJ

  2. Joe says:

    At $550 it’s a custom one off collectors piece. Let Blade magazine cover this stuff and stick with the soldier relevant equipment

    • thimble says:


    • SSD says:

      I know lots of guys that spend in excess of $500 for a blade.

    • “…the soldier relevant equipment”

      Please enlighten us with your definition of the above and how it fits into your critique of this competitively priced tool.

      Grading won’t be on a curve.

      • Joe says:

        Listen, if “tactical tomahawks” are such awesome and useful gear, why are they not issued by one of the 100+ armies currently in the world , despite the tomahawk being around since before the bronze age? And I’m taking issued by big army not some symbolic gift in some cool guy unit.

        Answer, they suck at everything.

        Want to kill someone? Use a bayonet( which is more battle proven with more kills than some 600 knife make out of unobtainium by some ex-delta elvish blacksmith, dispite costing less than 150.)

        By the oh so prevelent “my thought process ends at the pricetag” the issue bayonet should get you killed.

        Want to breach?, use a sledgehammer or Haligan tool, that what firefighters use everday.

        Want a multipurpose tool so to cut down weight? Doesn’t matter, split up the gear in the squad or keep it in the MRAP. That’s what you do with your other gear like the m240b

        • Joe says:

          Edit: by the oh so prevelent “My thought process ends at the pricetag” logic, the issue bayonet should get you killed because it’s so cheap.

          Yah, so soldier relevant is something issued to soldiers by their gov.(ie body armor, camo, boots, etc.)

          By the way I would love to see some rigorous and qualitative T&E to back up the the ASSUMPTION that this must be better than something half the price, but somehow never exists.

          • Joe says:

            Quantitative I mean (damn phone spellcheck)

            • Danke says:

              I suspect you’d use that chopper after you’d humped into thick jungle or bush.

              Not everyone has the luxury of a vehicle to haul along the kitchen sink or or a nice road to get there or a bunch of bearers to get you there like Dr Livingstone.

              This blog is for folks outside of the box who don’t have someone else doing their day to day planning and need to get the job done vs, conform to a “standard”.

        • Thimble says:

          You sure do talk out of your ass.

          My old unit issued tomahawks and we carried them on mission.

          Having worked closely with SFG and had plenty of friends in Rangers I can safely say they have tomahawks in inventory too.

          • Joe says:

            Again, big army?

            • Joe says:

              It’s not an issue of SF being ahead of the curve, tomahawks have been around a while. How many commies,Nazis,jihadis, are dead because of an American bayonet and how many are dead because of a tomahawk?

              Cool guys are not immune to fads because they passed selection

              • Joe says:

                Passing selection means you’re free to do whatever the hell you want and follow them

  3. Joe says:

    PVT snuffy also buys a $45,000 truck when he makes $1,500 a month. Doesn’t make it smart.

    • SSD says:

      Well I for one am glad that you know what is best for everyone.

      • Riceball says:

        To be honest, you do have penchant for posting up articles for pricey gear and clothing. It would be nice to have the occasional article for good stuff that’s priced more for those of us on a ramen budget and want something that’s just decent for use on (car) camping trips and short day hikes. Not everybody here needs, or afford, high end tier 1 operator level gear that’s well nigh indestructible, some of use here can only afford or only need stuff that’s good enough since our lives aren’t depending on it.

        Please don’t take this as a complaint though, more as constructive criticism. I do love this site and I do love looking at all the nice stuff you post up and some of it I might even buy if I were still in. But as it is, I’m just a plain civilian these days with a family (as I’m sure many readers are) and I can’t justify spending a lot of money on the things that I’d love to have but don’t need. So the occasional article on lower end, but of decent quality, gear or clothing would be nice to see and appreciated

        • Thimble says:

          As someone who still has professional use for thousand dollar rucksacks and 600$ gortex jackets I’m happy with what SSD posts.

          • Patrick says:

            I think what Riceball was saying is that it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. It could easily be both.

            Well, maybe not easily, as I’m kind of volunteering SSD to put up more articles….

        • SSD says:

          There are lots of blogs out there that specialize in inexpensive gear.

          • Bill says:

            I’m sure that there is inexpensive gear that is fine, and expensive gear that is crap. If I was single i’d spend those bucks in a heartbeat, but I have family to feed, etc, etc. The thousand dollars I might have spent on a shell turns into a $500 shell and a $500 prom dress.

            Plenty of high end British sports cars came with Lucas electrical systems and gaskets made out of construction paper, ifyouknowwhatImean and ever had to trace a short at 3:00 am in a rainstorm.

        • Collin says:

          “Good shit ain’t cheap, cheap shit ain’t good.”

          “Buy once, cry once.”

          “The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

  4. Matt says:

    As I recall the army did issue the Benchmade hawk