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Velocity Systems K9 Mesh Handler Harness

Recently, SSD reader JP sent us these photos of his pup sporting the Velocity Systems K9 mesh handler vest.


The body of the harness is mesh to keep the animal as cool as possible. It also incorporates handler grab handles on the top front and rear for holding and lifting as well as a Velcro Loop area on top for Camera or Marker Light mounting, and additional Velcro Loop areas on the sides for ID Placards.


3 Responses to “Velocity Systems K9 Mesh Handler Harness”

  1. Josh says:

    This vest also has an level IIIA armor insert available, and is really easy to don/doff.

  2. Mark says:

    This could be adapted for small children! 🙂

  3. Dog Off Leash says:

    Very nice! But I expect nothing less from Velocity.