OR – Salewa

For Summer 16, Salewa is introducing two new lightweight mountaineering boots, the Raven 2 GTX and the Crow GTX.

The Raven 2 GTX is about 15% lighter than the precious model.  They did this by removing material where it wasn’t needed yet retained the crampon compatibility.  The Crow GTX is about 10% lighter than the existing Rapace but utilizes synthetics rather than leather.  Both are 3-season boots.  

Next up is the new is a leather lined, non-GTX Mountain Trainer for those guys who want an all leather boot.  It continues the same features of the Trainer.


The Alp Flow GTX came out this Spring,  It integrates WL Gore’s Surround technology and I absolutely love this boot.  These are being adopted left and right by government agencies and are offered now in Ballisco and Smoke.

This is the Firetail 3 which is the latest update to Salewa’s classic approach shoe.  Offered in GTX and non-gore versions.  They’ve updated to a wider fitting last.  Additionally, they are a very flat shoe and utilized a Vibram megagrip sole.  Check out the Blackout and Black Olive colors!


Salewa has broken into the trail running market with new Mountain Training styles.  The Lite Train (6 mil drop) and the Ultra Train (8 mil drop) both intros grate the new Michelin Outsole.  

Under development for two years, the Michelin Outsole integrates materials and lugs from their two most popular mountain bike tires.


7 Responses to “OR – Salewa”

  1. Chris says:

    Sadly Michelin MTB tires haven’t been at the forefront of tire tech recently. Their last really outstanding design has been co-opted for the UA moon shoes.

  2. bluenoser says:


  3. Mitch says:

    I was super excited to pick up the Firetail EVO’s last year but their boots run so narrow. I’d love to get the Alp Flow GTX but sadly it’s not meant to be.

  4. Nick says:

    I’ve got the Alpine Flow… I was a little worried at first since I have wider feet, but the lacing deep onto the forefoot lets you fine tune it enough that they fit well, and keep me feet from being as a hot… a nice pair of light weight wool socks, and these rock.

  5. gunslingerb4 says:

    When will those Blackout foretell 3 be available? Can’t find online.