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Line Of Fire Partners With Dom Raso Of Dynamis Alliance

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August 12, 2015

Line of Fire Partners with Dom Raso of Dynamis Alliance

Huntington Beach, CA / August 12, 2015 – Line of Fire, a premier manufacturer of top quality military/ law enforcement gloves and apparel, has partnered with Dynamis Alliance and its team of former operators to design and build high quality, innovative gear for tier one warriors.

After twelve years of service as a Navy SEAL, Dom Raso wanted a way to continue to help protect the future, safety, and freedom of our country and its allies. Dynamis Alliance was born in 2013. Dom knew that there were many likeminded people throughout the world looking to increase their safety and security of their families. His solution was to build a team to provide the best gear and training available. Line of Fire is proud to be working with this team.

“Given the years of military experience served by the Dynamis crew and my prior relationship with Dom, it was a natural and inevitable partnership. Line of Fire as a brand seeks to align with real, high-level operators, and we are excited to be doing that with this partnership,” said Brian Miller, Founder and COO at Line of Fire.

Together, Line of Fire and Dynamis have already been working on some gamechanging gear, most notably the ROPER glove, a glove that turns any operational glove into a fast rope glove, while allowing for a free trigger finger. Ideas like this and (others that cannot yet be mentioned) are what this partnership is all about.

The certified experience of Dynamis combined with the unique manufacturing capabilities of Line of Fire will certainly produce some effective gear. Line of Fire’s high quality glove line and unique grip system go hand in hand with the high quality expectations of the most elite operators. This partnership will continue that trend. Dynamis Alliance’s simple, very real motto, — “Quality training, gear, and preparation can make the difference between life and death.”

Retailers interested in offering Line of Fire and/or Dynamis Alliance products may contact Line of Fire at [email protected] and/or [email protected]. Products and information can also be found at www.loftactical.com and/or www.dynamisalliance.com.

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One Response to “Line Of Fire Partners With Dom Raso Of Dynamis Alliance”

  1. Matthew Kime says:

    Awesome. LOF has a great head on it’s shoulders, and an outstanding product line. They deserve more attention.