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Guest Review – Whiskey Two-Four Ultralight 8×3 Split Panel


Recently released from Whiskey Two-Four is their Ultralight 8×3 Split Panel chest rig. Like previous rigs the Split Panel is laser-cut from a sheet of Hypalon and loops are stitched along the edges. These loops are the perfect place to attach the buckles of their improved Universal Chest Rig Harness or to simply tie it down to the outside of a pack. Like many chest rigs on the market it will buckle perfectly into plate carriers and other vests with buckles on the chest and the addition of a Velocity Systems Swift Clip kit makes for a perfect way to retain the sides. The rig itself weighs nearly nothing, is ultra-strong, and will not hold water; all properties drawn from the use of Hypalon.

Mixing and matching your favorite pouches makes for endless rig combinations, as well as breathing new life into old disused pouches. Each side of the panel gives you 4 vertical columns and 3 horizontal rows to work with and is joined by two 1″ buckles. The ability to run a slick carrier and quickly switch load carriage by mission profile or personal preference makes WTF’s platforms a strong, light and compact solution. I’ve found the Split-front to be an especially awesome addition to the straps of a Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack or Haley Strategic D3 Flat Pack as a way to add additional storage up front where it counts.


The Whiskey Two-Four Ultralight 8×3 Split Panel retails for $38.43 and the Universal Harness will set you back $45.

These items, additional chest rigs, and the many custom items you have in your mind are available via


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12 Responses to “Guest Review – Whiskey Two-Four Ultralight 8×3 Split Panel”

  1. AW says:

    From one designing company to another HATS OFF!!!! Looks flippin Sexy!

  2. Bill says:

    Severely badass. I’m afraid to look-probably not available in black, cause I could put my LE gear pouches on that and not look really “militarized.”

    Thanks Obama. Thanks Cato Institute. Thanks Ferguson MO. Thanks ACLU. My lumbar spine, sciatic nerve and piriformis really appreciate concentrating as much weight as possible on my waist.

    • Lasse says:

      You should look, I’m pretty sure I saw that they (WTF) recently got a shipment of HANK/Hypalon, including black.

      One thing the reviewer missed is that all the tiny holes are there for those who want to use Kydex pouches etc. Haven’t looked too much into it, but I think that was the reason for it.

    • mike says:

      Totally available in black. And grey. And OD. And Ranger Green. And Tan99. And Coyote. 😉

      They have a bunch of other platforms if splitfront doesn’t work for your need as well. This guy is gets the most use with my gear as it will go on a carrier or add on to a pack with the same ease:×3-panel/

  3. J.V. says:

    A variation of the BFG SPLITminus or am I missing something?

  4. FOXTAC says:

    Looks great. Only improvement I can see from this is using something more compact for the front closure – like FS tubes? to loose less real estate up front.

    For everything else, looks well done.

  5. Craig says:

    Saw this and instantly thought it was designed for women. That was at first glance before the article..

    • Bill says:

      I sorta kinda like did too – some kind of combat girdle. I have to drop them an email, cause the angled version, which could possibly work better for cop stuff like batons, lights and the almighty pens, really looks like its for someone with a pole-dancer’s build.

  6. Alex says:

    Damn, this is slick.