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Whiskey Two Four – Custom Laser Engraved Drink Glasses

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Offered in Rocks, Pint, or Flute styles, Whiskey Two Four will custom engrave your logo, image or saying on great looking glassware.  You also get to choose whether you want it on one or both sides, as well as the bottom.  The rocks and pints glasses are Made in USA by Anchor Hocking while the champagne flutes are Italian made by Luigi Bormioli.


Guest Review – Whiskey Two-Four Ultralight 8×3 Split Panel

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


Recently released from Whiskey Two-Four is their Ultralight 8×3 Split Panel chest rig. Like previous rigs the Split Panel is laser-cut from a sheet of Hypalon and loops are stitched along the edges. These loops are the perfect place to attach the buckles of their improved Universal Chest Rig Harness or to simply tie it down to the outside of a pack. Like many chest rigs on the market it will buckle perfectly into plate carriers and other vests with buckles on the chest and the addition of a Velocity Systems Swift Clip kit makes for a perfect way to retain the sides. The rig itself weighs nearly nothing, is ultra-strong, and will not hold water; all properties drawn from the use of Hypalon.

Mixing and matching your favorite pouches makes for endless rig combinations, as well as breathing new life into old disused pouches. Each side of the panel gives you 4 vertical columns and 3 horizontal rows to work with and is joined by two 1″ buckles. The ability to run a slick carrier and quickly switch load carriage by mission profile or personal preference makes WTF’s platforms a strong, light and compact solution. I’ve found the Split-front to be an especially awesome addition to the straps of a Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack or Haley Strategic D3 Flat Pack as a way to add additional storage up front where it counts.


The Whiskey Two-Four Ultralight 8×3 Split Panel retails for $38.43 and the Universal Harness will set you back $45.

These items, additional chest rigs, and the many custom items you have in your mind are available via www.wtfidea.com.


Whiskey Two Four – WTFix

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

This is an announcement from Whiskey Two Four regarding their new WTFix system. The full release can be read below.


WTFix is a system consisting of Strapped, Strapless, Straps, Surface and Grid. WTFix is compatible with many PALS inspired modular systems. WTFix is precision laser cut from extremely durable, engineered Hypalon fabric. WTFix is as light as it is tough with components weighing as little as .1oz / 3 grams. WTFix is cost effective replacing both traditional stacked nylon webbing as well as the touch labor necessary to mount it.


WTFix Strapped backers are a self contained attachment solution integrated by the gearmaker at the manufacturing level. Nothing else is needed to mount on modular platforms. WTFix Strapped are available in short (2 row) and long (3 row) in 2, 3, 4, and 6 column widths.


WTFix Strapless backers are integrated by the gearmaker at the manufacturing level and are compatible with Whiskey Two Four’s WTFix Straps, Tactical Tailor’s MALICE Clip, Blade-Tech’s Molle-Lok, BLACKHAWKS!’ Speed Clips, Maxpedition’s TacTie, and similar. WTF Strapless are available in short (2 row) and long (3 row) in 2, 3, 4, and 6 column widths.


WTFix Straps are used to attach compatible modular pouches to modular platforms. WTFix Straps are available in short (2 row) and long (3 row).


WTFix Surface is as an alternative to traditional nylon webbing for modular mounting options on the front and sides of pouches and bags.

WTFix Grid may be used as a stand alone or integrated solution to accept WTFix Strapped, Strapless, Straps, and similar PALS compatible modular attachment systems.

As with other WTF products, WTFix is manufactured in the United States by US citizens from US made materials on US manufactured machinery.

WTFix components and other solutions are available at wtfidea.com. Please email questions to [email protected].

Whiskey Two Four are proud to continue supporting the gearmaker by offering COTS design and manufacturing solutions for integration into their finished product. From pattern making to laser cut textiles to custom printed milspec tags and more, WTF strive to make applicable technologies and materials readily available and affordable to manufacturers large and small.


Whiskey Two-Four – Laser Cut Hypalon Zipper Pulls

Monday, January 27th, 2014


Whiskey Two-Four offers oversized laser cut Hypalon zipper pulls, which allow a no-slip grip even with sweaty, gloved, bloody, greasy, or soiled hands. Several styles are available, as are custom options. Works well on #8 and #10 sliders. For custom pulls or orders of 100+ quantity, you can email [email protected].com.


PenCott Badlands Veil Prototype from Whiskey Two Four

Friday, November 16th, 2012


While Whiskey Two Four has its roots in paintball, this item shows that you never know where the next thing is going to come from. This version is made from NYCO with the half moon cuts inspired by standard issue camo netting. They are also looking at laminating fabrics for dual sided use as well as incorporating a geometric cut pattern to work with PenCott’s pattern.