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HSP Takes The Trijicon MRO to the Range

Here’s the video for those of you who have been waiting for Travis Haley to take the new Miniature Rifle Optic from Trijicon to the range.

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4 Responses to “HSP Takes The Trijicon MRO to the Range”

  1. Joe says:

    At 7:25 Haley says he’s going to leave it on 6 to see if it can get run down over time:

    “The MRO battery should last for 5 years of continual use at setting “3” (5 of 8). When left on at the brightest setting (“6”), the battery should last around 25 days. Note that extended use in extreme temperatures – either cold or hot – may reduce the battery life considerably.”

  2. Lasse says:

    Is it NV compatible?

  3. JB says:

    Has there been any word on when the big mount companies will start offer mounts for the MRO?