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Flagrant Beard Launches Retail Website

Flagrant Beard has provided a rather spirited press release for the launch of their retail website, where they’re offering belts, printed t-shirts, and even socks for the discerning customer. You can read the full release below:

FB Logo

24 August 2015 Tennessee, USA
For Immediate Release

Flagrant Beard, LLC Launches New Apparel Line

Flagrant Beard, LLC, perhaps the only adventure, hard-use apparel company headquartered in a barn, is proud to announce the launch of their new line of products. The first wave of ginger-spawned goodness includes belts, printed tees and socks – soft goods intended for people who are anything but soft.

Flagrant Beard products are meant to be outdoors, on the edge and at risk. Though they will likely fit timid people with cold souls they will never suit them. This company has been, since its very inception, dedicated to the principle that you should wring every drop of joy from life; to the men and women who step into the arena, who know what it is to court failure by daring greatly; to those who would rather sweat and bleed and strive than sit comfortably at home protected by the toil and vigilance of others.


Flagrant Beard was never meant for those who are content to rest, to play it safe or to stand quietly by while great things are done elsewhere….in short, Flagrant Beard is about doing what needs to be done. It’s living life, “Balls out.”

Though our initial offering was a very well received shirt emblazoned with that very phrase, the most popular in our lineup thus far has been our belts. Handsome enough for church or formal dinner but rugged enough for a fight, they’re hand-made by Amish artisans near Nashville to exacting standards. The belts come in 2 styles, FB DuraBelt and FB Articulated Leather. Articulated Leather versions are available in black, burgundy or tan (sorry, no MultiCam or Gucciflage, and there’s no MOLLE or Velcro either). They’re 3/16 in. thick so they won’t “taco” under a gun or magazines and offer contrast stitching.

The DuraBelts look and feel like leather but are actually a polyester webbing with a TPU coating that makes them more durable, waterproof and easy to clean. They offer 2 ½ tons of tensile strength; enough to STABO some guys, though so far we haven’t actually tried it. DuraBelts are anti-microbial and offer extreme resistance to abrasion and moisture. Both belt styles feature threaded rivets to allow for interchangeable buckles, both are 1.5 in. wide and both are sturdy enough to beat someone to death but remain sufficiently comfortable for all-day wear.

Oh, and they’ll hold up your pants.


Sizes available include Small through XXL. Find the one most suitable for you with our sizing chart, or read more on our belt page.


Everything we do at Flagrant Beard is patriotic – including pouring the concrete for HQ!

Flagrant Beard offers gear for women too, of course, particularly those who’d rather be training for a gunfight than baking cakes. Take a look at the Annie shirt if you’re a lady who likes the smell of cordite or engine oil. After all, caliber knows no gender. You can find the complete line of women’s shirts online here.


Flagrant Beard LLC is online at www.flagrantbeard.com. Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/flagrantbeard or follow us on Instagram (@flagrantbeard).


16 Responses to “Flagrant Beard Launches Retail Website”

  1. war13usaf says:

    Blocked on Gov’t comp..smh.

  2. Weaver says:

    Awesome press release indeed.

  3. bluenoser says:

    It’s balls out buzzword bingo.

  4. “The first wave of ginger-spawned goodness”, hehehe funny. As a ginger, I approve.

  5. Haji says:

    According to style charts, that’s a Friendly Mutton Chops type.

    I wish FB nothing but the best of luck in this new endeavor.

  6. Bill says:

    Can’t a woman like to bake cakes and train for a gunfight too? I like cake, and training for gunfights. I can mow the grass and train for a gunfight, sometimes at the same time, if the coyotes and moles are acting up.

  7. Bill says:

    It’s funny that their belts are made by the Amish. Maybe we can get Mennonite women to stop quitting and make nylon gear. Or bake cakes.