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C&H Precision Weapons Expands Product Offering With Addition Of Heinkel And Castaneda

Veteran-Owned Rifle Shop Now Offers Slide Machining and Stippling

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LaBelle, FL – August 25, 2015 – C&H Precision Weapons, manufacturers of the highest-quality custom-built precision rifles, have announced they have expanded their operations to include custom grip, slide and barrel machining work through the recent addition of their newest machinists, Chris Heinkel and Fierr ‘Kazz’ Castaneda.

Specializing in slide, barrel and grip modifications, Heinkel and Castaneda bring over six years of experience in machining to the company.

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Castaneda, the son of internationally know Weapons and Tactics instructor, Cazz Castaneda, is a life-long shooter – having competed in USPSA matches since he was 7-years-old. He relocated to Fort Myers to serve as a project manager for Altair Training Solutions, and has been machining high tolerance tools for over five years.

Heinkel, an expert at stippling pistol grips, has a background in precision machining. Chris also has a background in security and corrections; having served as a Corrections Officer for both Charlotte and Suwanee county.

“C&H’s foundation was built on the simple pursuit of preserving our favorite rifle, the M40 series, and the skills required to build it for current and future generations,” stated Partner and Co-Founder, Buck Holly. “With the ever-present call for the customization of our client’s daily carry pistols, we recognized the demand and instantly sought the talents and professionalism of Chris and Kazz. We’re honored to have them as part of the C&H team – and look forward to providing our customers with this new product feature.”

C&H specializes in the USMC M40 series rifles, the standard issue bolt-action sniper rifle used by U.S. Marine Scout Snipers for nearly 50 years, the company offers the M40 in three variants – M40A1, M40A3 and M40A5; with each rifle authentically built to the exact USMC specifications by a former U.S. Marine 2112 (Precision Weapons Technician).

Owned and operated by two former enlisted U.S. Marines with a combined 35 years of military service, the company maintains the same ethics and character instilled in them by the Marine Corps, which are expected and appreciated by all customers.

Partner and Co-Founder, Dave Clark (Ret.MGySgt), who served 26 years in the Marines as a 2111 (Small Arms Technician), 2112 (Precision Weapons Technician) and 2181(Senior Ground Ordnance Maintenance Chief); the former NCOIC of the famed USMC PWS (Precision Weapon Section) at Quantico VA, manages the shop, ensuring the accuracy of each firearm before it leaves.

In addition to the M40 rifles and the new machining services offered, the company also produces custom builds; working with each customers’ unique set of requirements for their particular application – whether for tactical teams, competitive shooting, long range hunting or light-weight rifles for extreme hunting trips.


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  1. Ed Hornsby says:

    I have a Model 19-3 .357 Smith & Wesson with 2 1/2 inch barrel with a copper jacket stuck in the barrell from a .38 caliber, military tracer round. Are you equipped to remove this object so I can use the revolver again. It was my off duty weapon while with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. I retired about 3 years ago .