SEK Solutions – SEKURE Weapon Storage Systems

SEKURE Weapon Storage Systems is the Weapon Storage series from SEK Solutions. They are local to us and we recently had a chance to check them out. I came away impressed. Long gone are the old M16 weapon racks, and good riddance. They were designed to secure an M16 with no accessories fitted to the weapon. These days, military units, LE agencies and other related activities store amd issue a wide variety of weapon systems, often with sights, lasers and lights attached. They need to be secure, yet accessible in operational configuration. The SEKURE line meets these requirements.


Constructed from 16 gauge steel, the SEKURE racks feature a 7-point docking mechanism with single or double hasps, and incorprate mounting holes for bolting directly to a surface or combining multiple racks together. Their product line includes stackable weapon racks, storage specific for pistols and tasers, weapon storage lockers, weapon & evidence security racks, and more.

Here you can see comparison photos between SEKURE’s storage capabilities and features and others commonly found in arms rooms. In the examples, SEKURE is on the left while the competitors are on the middle and right:

Storage Density




Additionally, several of the SEKURE weapon racks have been awarded National Stock Numbers, and can be viewed along with the rest of the product range at


10 Responses to “SEK Solutions – SEKURE Weapon Storage Systems”

  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    “Now does it come in black?”

  2. Riceball says:

    Nice, I wonder if this qualifies as a storage device by CA law? Not that I need one since I already have a gun cabinet and if I were to replace I’d want to replace it with a safe.

  3. RayForest says:

    Now I haven’t seen the pricing on these yet but Ive looked at similar systems like the modular one currently use by many .gov units. In every case the cost 2x as much as a top end safe with usually more capacity. I asked a sales guy once about it and he actually told me you’d be crazy as an individual to buy one of these for guns. I’m hoping to find these priced appropriately.

  4. TC-Anderson says:

    These are made in Canada by Dasco and are crazy expensive figure $150 – $200 per gun for a cabinet. SEK is a US distributor. Way too expensive for home use look at the conversion kits now on sale at NRA Tactical I think they are made by Secure-It Tactical??
    these look Sweet

  5. Marc Dalby says:

    Our pricing is very competitive with similar all-metal bi-fold and retractable door weapon racks. Please contact us at 866-601-1671 and we will gladly evaluate your requirements and furnish a formal quote.

  6. Edward-edge says:

    TC is right!!! The Secureit kits rock. Lets you covert what you have to killer storage. I have the rapid 6 kit in my Amsec safe. best solution out there for real guns. SEK stuf looks like import poser crap…. BUY AMERICAN – … when we invade Canada i’ll take a look at this stuff 🙂