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SEK Solutions, Karda Systems & MJL Enterprises LLC Pay $620,000 Settlement With DoJ Over Allegations Of Violation Of False Claims Act

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Tidewater of Virginia-based businesses Karda Systems LLC, SEK Solutions, and MJL Enterprises LLC have settled with the Department of Justice over allegations of violations of the false claims act. The DoJ claims these companies, as well as ADS, Inc, misrepresented their status for set-aside business with the US government. Last Summer, ADS settled the same suit for $16 million.

Specifically, the claims are that SEK Solutions falsely claimed eligibility for set-asides for women-owned small businesses, MJL claimed it was service disabled veteran-owned firm and that both SEK Solutions and Karda misrepresented themselves as socially or economically disadvantaged businesses (8(a)).

This was a “qui tam” lawsuit that was filed under the whistle blower provision of the False Claims Act in which a private party, Ameliorate Partners, a Delaware limited liability partnership, sued on behalf of the government for a portion of the settlement. So far Ameliorate Partners is said to have received over $3 million.

In the settlement, MJL Enterprises Inc agreed to pay $400,000, SEK Solutions agreed to pay $140,000, and Karda Systems, LLC agreed to pay $80,000.

Considering the legal bills which are sure to have piled up since the suit was first filed in 2013, it’s not surprising the firms settled. With the settlement comes no admission of wrongdoing and brings the suit to a close.

SEK Solutions – SEKURE Weapon Storage Systems

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

SEKURE Weapon Storage Systems is the Weapon Storage series from SEK Solutions. They are local to us and we recently had a chance to check them out. I came away impressed. Long gone are the old M16 weapon racks, and good riddance. They were designed to secure an M16 with no accessories fitted to the weapon. These days, military units, LE agencies and other related activities store amd issue a wide variety of weapon systems, often with sights, lasers and lights attached. They need to be secure, yet accessible in operational configuration. The SEKURE line meets these requirements.


Constructed from 16 gauge steel, the SEKURE racks feature a 7-point docking mechanism with single or double hasps, and incorprate mounting holes for bolting directly to a surface or combining multiple racks together. Their product line includes stackable weapon racks, storage specific for pistols and tasers, weapon storage lockers, weapon & evidence security racks, and more.

Here you can see comparison photos between SEKURE’s storage capabilities and features and others commonly found in arms rooms. In the examples, SEKURE is on the left while the competitors are on the middle and right:

Storage Density




Additionally, several of the SEKURE weapon racks have been awarded National Stock Numbers, and can be viewed along with the rest of the product range at

SEK Solutions to Supply AquaSource Water Tanker to USMC

Friday, August 17th, 2012

SEK Solutions has announced that it has been awarded an order from the US Marine Corps to supply 2,613 AquaSource Water Tanker 5 Gallon (20L) Collapsible Water Bags manufactured by Source Hydration for the Marines’ Mountain Cold Weather and General Support Equipment Program.

Developed specifically for the requirements of the US Marine Corps, the Source Aquasource reduces the weight of the system by 13.4 pounds compared to the old Collapsible Water Bag procured through the Marine Enhancement Project. In addition to its primary function as providing a water resupply system that is more easily transported by a Marine Rifle Squad during dismounted operations, the Source Aquasource also provides capability to function as a Vehicle Hydration System for mounted operations when paired with the Vehicle Hydration Hub Upgrade Kit, as well as being able to be used as a Field Shower system when paired with the Field Shower Upgrade Kit.


AquaSource is a durable, collapsible, backpackable hydration alternative to traditional water cans. Source uses a Glass-like reservoir technology that helps eliminate fungus and the absorption of odd tastes by the bladder.