The COL Kurtz Uniform Package From Moore Militaria


Walter Kurtz was one of the most outstanding officers this country’ ever produced. He was brilliant. He was outstanding in every way. And he was a good man, too. A humanitarian man. A man of wit and humor. He joined the Special Forces, and after that, his ideas, methods became unsound. Unsound.
– LTG Corman

Moore Militaria is one of the best sources for original as well as reproduction Viet Nam militaria. Now, they’ve assembled a package of 1st generation jungle fatigues, green beret and appropriate insignia, for Apocalypse Now’s seminal antagonist, COL Kurtz.


There’s a CPT Willard Tigerstripe uniform package as well, for fans of our “hero” as well as a LTC Kilgore getup (sans Slouch Hat).


38 Responses to “The COL Kurtz Uniform Package From Moore Militaria”

  1. Nice! I’m getting the CPT Willard set.

  2. Dev says:

    Need dat dere golden cravat for LTC Kilgore too.

  3. maresdesign says:

    Never get off the boat.

    • brett says:

      Absolutely goddamn right.

    • Ranger Rick says:

      “Absolutely goddamn right! Unless you were goin’ all the way… Kurtz got off the boat. He split from the whole fuckin’ program.”

  4. Stefan S. says:

    Charlie Don’t Surf!

  5. Disco says:

    You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

  6. eric the red says:

    Im sure some dude will be photographed in Walmart impersonating a soldier these.

  7. Tim says:

    How about the set of tiger stripe that John Wayne use in the Green Berets

  8. Bill says:

    “whose in charge here?”
    “ain’t you?”

    Before looking at the website I had the horrible feeling it was a 350 pound Brando’s bathrobe.

  9. Danke says:

    The horror,,, the horror,,,

  10. John Motimer says:

    Apart from few hard-core cosplay fans, I wonder what people do with these uniform sets? Frame them and hang on the wall?

    Wear them in front of their PCs while playing Call of Duty games?

    Dressing up as one of the characters and laying on couch while watching Apocalypse now?

    WTF guys…really!?

  11. Ex Coelis says:

    for John Motimer – guess if there was no ‘demand’, there would be no ‘supply’…

    Frankly, I can’t imagine myself wanting a set of these fatigues(COL. Kurtz, LTC. Kilgore or CPT. Willard) but for those who might – e.g. film studios, individual CosPlay’s, etc. – glad companies like this one are out there and apparently, doing really a great job of it. Because of re-enactor companies like Moore, the non-military public can have tactile and tangible references for many of the things they only see on wide-screen cinema and/or TV.
    Thank you for posting this article, SSD!!!

  12. bulldog76 says:

    i love moore but they never have erdl in stock lol

  13. joe_momma says:

    STOLEN VALOR!!! Ok, got that out of the way.

    So, followers on this board are constantly prepared to rip someone’s ass for dressing like a ‘character’ from a modern rendition of a battle or story from a certain HSLD unit and paying close detail to the particular for whatever reason from airsoft, sitting in basement playing call of duty, cosplay, movie events, or the sheer fact of putting together a 100% legit loadout. Whatever the endeavor, it is timely and costly, as sourcing a particular brand of year of manufacture is important.

    However, some shop sells a completed kit from a real person and everyone’s on “YAY!” No belittling for “not earning it”? No stolen valor? No “you couldn’t hack it so you shouldn’t pretend it” rhetoric? I guaran-fucking-tee if this was a Matt bissonnette zero dark thirty type setup or a Danny deitz pre organized kit people would be losing their minds! But it appears that the posters thusfar are older gents and the available uniforms or costumes or whatever are from war “heroes” they looked up to, it’s ok. But a modern “hero” is just for wannabes?

    For the record, neither one of these bother me. Dress up as Hoot, dress as col klink, ltc Kurtz, or sgt petry, I don’t give two shits either way. I’m just pointing out the irony and hypocrisy.

    • Bill says:

      FWIW – AN is a piece of film history. Anybody could track down any mil clothing they want given effort and money if they just wanted to play soldier While this aren’t the real deal as far as the actual costumes go, they are close enough for a film collector to potentially want them, just as they might want a model of the Street Gang or an actual shard of the set that was destroyed by the hurricane, or one of Martin Sheen’s ECG pads.

      In my best Dennis Hopper on speed voice: “it’s cinematic history man!!!!!!!! Got a cigarette?”

      But that’s just me, I still think Willard should have been named Marlowe. Movies are a form of literature, and AN stands on equal footing with the original Heart of Darkness, and in it’s own way exceeds it at telling the core story. None of those people were “real,” and the story was fiction, fiction which represented reality better than nonfiction could, though I don’t pretend to have been either a Nam vet or steamship captain in colonial Africa.

    • Ex11A says:

      Sounds like someone has never seen “Apocalypse Now.”

    • PJ says:

      None of the linked costume sets are from real people. They’re all characters from a movie that’s regarded as a classic.
      I don’t really care what people buy or wear (despite how sad dressing up to play video games is) so I never get into any of that. But for those that do, no one tries to “stolen valor” characters in a movie about a war that ended 40 years ago. This is clearly being sold as a costume.

    • joe_momma says:

      So dressing up in military garb with rank and unit patches is fine as long as it’s based on a fictional character? Gotcha.
      Oh, wait, it’s gotta be old though!

      • Jon, OPT says:

        You are aware of the numerous reenactment societies out there? Also milsimers etc. Stolen Valor specifically states for personal gain, I don’t think Halloween candy falls under that, but it could. You can wear what you want, but if you seek office, employment, charity, preferential treatment, military discount, etc. through false premises based on service, then you violate stolen valor. There’s a fine line between paying homage, and getting paid for service you never did. Hope that helps delineate your quandry.

        Jon, OPT

        • joe_momma says:

          Ok, the stolen valor part wasn’t an actual allegation I was making.
          My comment was more at the generation who few up with this movie and seeing it as ok to wear such uniform is also the same that so often is ready to bash on kids today wearing aor1 kit and such. The constant hating on those who partake in milsim to the degree that some do is rather rampant. I was trying to more point out the hypocrisy of such actions. How some will dress up for milsim or even just to take pictures, not even partaking in airsoft or whatever else. I find it kind of funny. The same people who would flip their shit if some kid was wearing a unit patch of some sorts. Hell, the same people who bitch about any patch. So, the stolen valor part I get, and was trying to make light first.

          • Jon, OPT says:

            They don’t bother me, and usually, like with the old Wannabe boards, they police their own more, thus preventing outsiders from doing so. Though in the last few years a new generation of tactical aficionados has arose that never got the “don’t cross this line” memo.

            I’m pretty sure I know you from forums a while back and see what you are bringing to light, and yes, the struggle is real.

            Jon, OPT

    • The Dude says:

      Airsofter spotted. Engage butthurt.

  14. b_a says:

    The Willard set by Moore is in the tadpole pattern.
    But isn’t the Willard character wearing the classic tiger pattern?

  15. pbr549 says:

    I wanted to name my pontoon boat “PBR Streetgang”. My wife shot that idea down.

    • Bill says:

      For a while when doing comms checks during surveillances we were using “PBR Streetgang” “Big Duke,” and “Almighty” along with “Nostromo” and “Sulaco.” We debated “Arclight” cause it was real, but in context it got used also. Amazing the shit you come up with when bored shitless.

      I wanted a boat just so I could name it “Miss Demeanor.”

    • Brett says:

      Excellent idear! Gonna put that on my already outrageously over-decorated kayak to see if anyone gets it.

  16. Darrel says:

    I love Moore Militaria. Their prices are actually somewhat more reasonable than genuine Jungle Fatigues on eBay, and of course, they make a good product. It’s good to see them getting some attention.

  17. Rip says:

    They said he was a kind man, a wiseman, he had plans he had wisdom. Bull shit man!