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The COL Kurtz Uniform Package From Moore Militaria

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


Walter Kurtz was one of the most outstanding officers this country’ ever produced. He was brilliant. He was outstanding in every way. And he was a good man, too. A humanitarian man. A man of wit and humor. He joined the Special Forces, and after that, his ideas, methods became unsound. Unsound.
– LTG Corman

Moore Militaria is one of the best sources for original as well as reproduction Viet Nam militaria. Now, they’ve assembled a package of 1st generation jungle fatigues, green beret and appropriate insignia, for Apocalypse Now’s seminal antagonist, COL Kurtz.


There’s a CPT Willard Tigerstripe uniform package as well, for fans of our “hero” as well as a LTC Kilgore getup (sans Slouch Hat).