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Orion Design Group – ARC Rig Now Available For Pre-Order

The ARC System is now available for pre-order direct from Orion Design Group. We checked it out at SHOT Show and it’s a pretty interesting rig. You can wear it for recce tasks, while hunting or fishing, as well as for a hike.


The ARC is a five-piece modular chest rig developed by Orion Design Group in collaboration with S&S Precision, and manufactured by Grey Ghost Gear. The ARC is centered around an optics pouch, capable of holding upwards of a large framed 10x binoculars, along with some small Thermal Imaging Devices. This pouch is accompanied by the yoke, side panels, and a small roll top minimalist pack.  Offered in OGD Lupus or Crye Precision MultiCam.

For more details on the ARC System, check out the previous posts written about the system on SSD.



20 Responses to “Orion Design Group – ARC Rig Now Available For Pre-Order”

  1. John says:

    That thing looks awesome. It’s like the perfect blend between “battle rattle” and back-country.

  2. nwjeep says:

    Fantastic set up and great job by ODG.

  3. Brian says:

    will the Recce Pack be available in any solid colors?

  4. Jon, OPT says:

    Would love to see pics of it worn.

    Jon, OPT

  5. SocialMedia@ODG says:

    Thanks John and NWJEEP!


    Hit up our facebook or IG accounts OrionDesignGroup or OrionApplications. You should be able to see some there.

  6. Kaoskydex says:

    That kit looks great! Love the Lupus pattern too, would love to know where I could purchase some cordura in the pattern.

  7. Lamont says:

    I would like to see just the optics pouch offered to fit on an already existing chest rig/harness.

    • ODG says:

      @lamont, Thanks for the comment, we have an adapter in development now that will allow the user to attach the optics pouch to any chest rig or Plate carrier should be finished before Thanksgiving!

  8. Joe says:

    Who makes that knife?

  9. T. Rex Tina says:

    Great looking holster, I must say!

  10. BCP says:

    So do you buy the components seperately? What is the difference between Alpha and Bravo systems? Any solid colors in the pipeline?

  11. Creed says:

    This will be a godsend when going into the hills for long range work. Mines ordered cant wait to test it out