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DSEI – SAS Diary


I ran across the coolest thing while walking the halls of DSEI. “The SAS War Diary” covers 1941-45 and was published to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Special Air Service, raising funds for the Regimental Association. Sure, it’s an extravagance but it’s chock full of formerly classified documents detailing the wartime history of the Regiment collected by a former unit member who didn’t want to see their daring deeds forgotten. Plus, it’s massive at 25 lbs and 17″x12″x4″.

SAS War Diary

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7 Responses to “DSEI – SAS Diary”

  1. Historia says:

    I am in love with this concept.

  2. That is outstanding – good on them for doing that book

  3. BravoMike says:

    Is this available in the US?

  4. SGT Rock says:

    At least the SAS know how to keep secrets and abide by an oath of honor. If this was a US Navy SEAL diary it would’ve been leaked decades ago by individuals wanting to gain fame.

  5. CAs6 says:

    There’s something like this under glass at the Marquat library at Bragg. I didn’t get too good a look at it (too much homework to gawk around), but I think it was the SAS War Diary.

  6. Al Covey says:

    Wow! It has its own Facebook page…and while the limited edition is amazing, there is a regular also available….IF you have the cash! Oh Santa!

  7. Jon C. says:

    I don’t have the money, but as a researcher who has been on the trail of LRDG and SAS WWII history (with a N. Africa focus) for the past 15 years, I can say it is worth every cent.