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DSEI – Ricardo

This is a power generation upgrade available for standard quad bikes from Ricardo.


This installation offers a 2kw 24v system integrated into the ATV which offers the same level of preformance of a separate gen set. This means you can drive the quad to a location and then use it to power up to 10 laptops, multiple radio and ECM sets as well as battery chargers.



One Response to “DSEI – Ricardo”

  1. Bill says:

    Must have now. Yesterday was the anniversary of a tornado that knocked out power for well over a week, closed multiple roads, destroyed a couple emergency vehicles and generally wasn’t very nice, and that was in CONUS. Our billion dollar command vehicle couldn’t get near where it was needed. This would have been incredibly useful and in the non-mil context for disaster relief in places like Nepal it could have saved helo assets from having to lift generators.

    Now build one that is a water purification unit.