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DSEI – Steyr Mannlicher STM 556

Steyr Mannlicher continues to exhibit their short piston take on the AR style carbine which first debuted in 2012. Unfortunately, it seems that it remains in development with further refinements still to come.


The one-piece upper integrates the railed forend. As you can see, this upper design offers a quick swap barrel feature. There are four gas regulator settings: Standard, Extreme Condition, Silencer, and Cut Off.  Additionally, it incorporates a dry film lubricant.


The four bolts in the upper reciever are associated with steel guide rail inserts for the dry film lubricant system.  


The weapon can be loaded and unloaded with the weapon on safe.  There’s no need to pull the hammer to the rear in order to place the weapon on safe.  According to the man at the booth, the production version will sport a new butt stock and magazine by Steyr.




14 Responses to “DSEI – Steyr Mannlicher STM 556”

  1. Dev says:

    Hmm. May be just a superficial thing but the quick change barrel and gas plug st the end of the barrel reminds me a lot of the AUG and its variants.

  2. Sommerbiwak says:

    The gas piston design is derived from the AUG.

  3. DCJ says:

    There are a lot of features from the Steyr AUG built into the rifle – especially the said quick change barrel as well as the gas system. The interesting part is the lubricant free system though.

    There are also different calibre options – I know of a prototype in .308 and 7.62×39.

    As far as I know the designs are ready for mass production and there is no need for further refinements.

    Here is a picture of the weapon with the Steyr Mannlicher Magazine.


  4. joe says:

    If both the upper and lower are serial numbered (as we see in the third picture), does this mean both parts are guns for legal purposes?

    “There’s no need to pull the hammer to the rear in order to place the weapon on safe.” This is the only thing I don’t like about my SIG 556. Personal preference.

    Nice touch with the Z-Point.

    • mike says:

      Just because the parts are serialized doesn’t mean they are firearms. I have a few pistols and rifles that are serialized all over the place and the lower receivers are still the only part that’s a firearm.

  5. Dirty Leg says:

    What optic is that mounted on the rifle? Looks interesting.

  6. WmW says:

    Does this infringe on LMT’s design? I’m not well versed on the issue, but didn’t Vltor/Noveske and Mega have to change a lot of their designs due to patent infringements?

    • richard says:

      Mega made a minor change to avoid infringing on LMT’s patent. The patent stated a continuous rail, so MEGA simply skipped a small section on the rail so it was not continuous. They put a bubble level in the rail to make it non continuous.