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DSEI – Steyr Mannlicher STM 556

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Steyr Mannlicher continues to exhibit their short piston take on the AR style carbine which first debuted in 2012. Unfortunately, it seems that it remains in development with further refinements still to come.


The one-piece upper integrates the railed forend. As you can see, this upper design offers a quick swap barrel feature. There are four gas regulator settings: Standard, Extreme Condition, Silencer, and Cut Off.  Additionally, it incorporates a dry film lubricant.


The four bolts in the upper reciever are associated with steel guide rail inserts for the dry film lubricant system.  


The weapon can be loaded and unloaded with the weapon on safe.  There’s no need to pull the hammer to the rear in order to place the weapon on safe.  According to the man at the booth, the production version will sport a new butt stock and magazine by Steyr.