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A Public Service Message From FIREclean

Shared with this caveat. I agree it’s not a good idea to cook with weapon lube and I also think that one should be wary of using a lubricant on a machine that wasn’t designed for use with it.  

FIREClean, LLC is issuing an alert to the public regarding wild and reckless rumors and YouTube videos that have been circulating on the Internet related to methods of lubricating firearms. These items pose a danger to public health and safety, and may result in the damage or destruction of firearms and possible injury or loss of life.

Numerous blogs, videos and other social media sources are making reckless claims that cooking oils and other commonly found household items could be a substitute for advanced firearms lubricants, including FIREClean. These claims are false and dangerous.

FIREClean is publicly responding to this controversy by first issuing a safety warning: Using non-formulated cooking oils may lead to devastating and catastrophic failure of your firearm. Attachment mechanisms of various oils to metal surfaces are not commonly understood. Nor is the reaction of different oils to air and other substances. The combination can and often will result in permanent damage to valuable property and render firearms inoperable. This can easily result in catastrophic consequences.

Through social media some individuals are unbelievably encouraging the public to use firearms lubricants and cooking oils interchangeably; but gun lubricants should not be assumed ‘safe’ for consumption or food preparation! For example, our product, FIREClean is not re-labeled Crisco, nor is it relabeled canola oil or simple vegetable oil. The bottle is clearly labeled “do not consume” and those directions should be followed. “Our company urges people not to consume or use FIREClean in the preparation of food.” pointed out Matthew Bergstrom, FIREClean Counsel.

Those relying on a functioning firearm should not take needless risk by using substances not expressly intended for firearms applications. Such a choice could cause the gun to malfunction and render it unable to perform for self-defense, for hunting, for competition, or in the line of duty. At the least, untested substances could risk damage to expensive guns. At worst, a malfunctioning firearm could cause grave bodily injury or death.

“FIREClean is a patent pending extreme performance gun oil. It is odorless, biodegradable, safe, and made in the USA. A product like FIREClean has undergone years of research, development, and testing requiring firing hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition and about as many dollars. The result is an extraordinary formula helping ensure the reliability, durability, and easy cleaning of firearms”, confirmed Bergstrom.

Whatever product gun owners ultimately choose to use, firearms safety concerns should urge the use of a tested, proven product. The shooting public’s safety – – your safety – – and maximizing the performance of your firearms especially for duty and self-defense use, is FIREClean’s primary objective.

For more information please visit http://www.cleanergun.com


37 Responses to “A Public Service Message From FIREclean”

  1. DC says:

    That’s sh!tbull! I’ve cooked with FireClean hoondredz of times and I’m purfektly fine!

  2. xpoqx says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

  3. Harm Uden says:

    I would like to know specifically what catastrophic consequences I would experience if I used canal oil as a lubricant? Aside from shrinking Fireclean’s bottomline. The areas I lube a firearm are where metal on metal contact each other. I am not a very smart… firearms expert or chemist or gunsmith or tactical operator to draw real world direct action ops from.

    Also, if Fireclean is at least vegetable oil based why wouldn’t I experience the same catastrophe like I would with canal oil? I’m want to know.

    Fireclean could put a lot of this to rest if they explained chemically what the difference between their product and canola oil actually is. Otherwise they might see themselves filing bankruptcy. Then after that, they will reopen the company under the new name Fire-unsoiled.

    • nwjeep says:

      I too am interested in the use of canal oil as a firearm lubricant…

      • Harm Uden says:

        I don’t want to use canola oil as a lubricant. I have products that have worked for me and I stick to those. However, it would be interesting to know if dangerous to use what those dangers are. I don’t have a suffix to my name so, I need someone more smarter than me to explain. Its good to know if I could use canal oil as a lube in dire situations. I know I can use motor oil in pinch but what about canal oil?

  4. bluenoser says:

    Let’s sum up the arguments paragraph by paragraph:

    P1 – Misinformation is dangerous to you and your firearms’ health.

    P2 – Claims that [Fireclean] is [vegetable oil] is reckless.

    P3 – Do not use cooking oils on guns, it is dangerous.

    P4 – Some have used Fireclean and vegetable oil interchangeably; Fireclean should not be consumed.

    P5 – Using non-approved oils is dangerous.

    P6 – Fireclean is high performance and tested.

    P7 – Use a good product. Or fireclean.

    Not a good release, but FC is getting backed into a corner.

    We all know the main item of contention is ‘is Fireclean simply vegetable oil?’ – if it is relabeled Crisco does not matter.

    The infrared spectroscopy test undertaken by Vuurwapen dictated that ‘FireClean is probably a modern unsaturated vegetable oil virtually the same as many oils used for cooking.’ per http://www.vuurwapenblog.com/general-opinion/lies-errors-and-omissions/ir-spectra-fireclean-crisco/

    The only time the revelation (not claim, not accusation) is directly addressed is in the following sentence:

    “For example, our product, FIREClean is not re-labeled Crisco, nor is it relabeled canola oil or simple vegetable oil.”

    Fireclean needed to directly, confidently respond – their last press release was en exercise in avoidance.

    If Fireclean wanted their response to be as strong and confident as possible, indirectly beginning their address with ‘For example’ was the absolute worst way to soften everything which followed.

    The shrivel continues.

    • ThatBlueFalcon says:

      As a PR writer (in a previous life, pre-military, and yes, it’s what my degree is in) this is one of the worst press releases I’ve ever seen.

      FireClean, free PR advice – address the criticism head on, explain what your product is (with science!) and move on. Don’t release ‘say nothing’ releases and expect it to be the end of things.

    • Oglee says:

      Fireclean is a blend of 3 different vegetable oils according to their patent.

      • PJ says:

        Patent application. Note that the release says “patent pending.” They wouldn’t say that if they’d already been granted a patent.
        The patent application is public and was quickly found and disseminated. Everyone knows it’s, at the very least, based on a mixture of vegetable oils. Some have speculated it may have additional additives. If that’s true a better statement by FIREClean would have admitted it’s vegetable oil based (and thus renewable and non-toxic), cited extensive testing they did to develop the optimum blend of oils for firearm use, and said it includes additives to further enhance the strong nature properties of the oil.
        But you can’t claim it contains additional additives if it doesn’t and after the “smoke” test ammo debacle people may question how thoroughly they test things.

  5. Why is this a big deal again? Either you like it or you don’t, STFU. It works for me, I’ll keep buying it. If the internet gun community got politically active even half as hard as they hate we’d never have to worry about anti-2A stuff again.

    • T says:

      Tell FireClean to shut the fuck up. If it truly works, and isn’t what the interwebs is claiming, then they should have absolutely nothing to worry about. Instead they start screaming themselves into a corner, and look retarded doing it.

      That release was a joke, right? Do they have ANYONE who has any experience in PR?

      • Chief says:

        Exactly! If it’s so great it will speak for itself. They let the inter web bs back them into a corner. I think the whole issue is based on the COST of the product. If people want to pay that much for it great. This release was terrible and exceeding unnecessary. Stupid to keep the dumb fire burning.

        Peace out!

  6. Collin says:

    This shit is comical.

  7. Chicken Legs says:

    I don’t care if its chipmunk sperm, it works for me.

  8. Thomas says:

    Just when I thought it was all going away…

  9. Steve says:

    I’ve always liked Fireclean but it didn’t say anything about not using KY jelly in firearms… So tacit approval?

  10. tazman66gt says:

    I know i should take my own advice; Fireclean, if you don’t have anything to say shut the hell up, the more yap and defensive crap you spout without any proof to back it up make you look petty and stupid. Your own patent states that it is veggie oils, and other stuff, yes, it is mixed different than canola oil, but when you vehemently deny that it isn’t something that your patent clearly states it is makes you look like morons.

  11. RhinoDriver says:

    Phew, man, did FrogLube dodge a greasy bullet on this one or what?

  12. contractor says:

    Ill never use their product again

  13. Bill says:

    I sense lawyers disturbing the force. Anyone who cooks with a gun lube, or lubes their gun with a cooking product, will get exactly what they deserve.

    A rep from one of the OC manufacturers used to spray it on pizza and eat it to demonstrate that it was organic and safe.

    None of this would have happened if they used real tallow, lard or bacon grease. My only problem will be if it turns out to be recycled restaurant grease from those slimy tanks out back.

  14. Kurt says:

    I feel like I am reading Hillary Clinton and the email server in the early days…

    Ohhhh no, I that didn’t happen….Ok, yeah that did happen but I’m reallllly sorry.

    WTF Tell the truth and move on (get it…move on.org…ha), you sure can’t fix your business model now, and the endless press releases make you look even more stupid and deceitful.

    There will be a segment of the gear queers that will use it even if you SAID it was vegetable oil, who cares….if they like it let em have it. I still think its a brilliant business model. Even better if they are getting the vegetable oil from restaurants for free and just filtering it out and blending it then bottling it. THAT would be epic.

    • tazman66gt says:

      mmmmmmmm, filtered restaurant sludge.

    • SSD says:

      Several people accused them of selling repackaged Crisco. They said they aren’t.

      I’m curious. What truth are they supposed to be telling?

      • Snerdly says:

        They may have not gone down to the Piggly Wiggly and got a few bottles of actual Crisco brand canola oil but the likely sourced it from the same food companies that supply Crisco and others. These petty semantic word games show how desperate they are.

      • Kurt says:

        I think the repackaged crisco thought is a bit much. Its prob a blend of vegetable oils, with a binder and additives.

        You are a quick guy, you can figure that out on your own. You spent the last week, on the initial posting, vigorously defending them and calling guys who read your board names. You know what truth people are wondering about.

        (Said with complete respect sir, since you can’t hear tone over written text)

        • SSD says:

          I’m still lost here. Literally. I haven’t worked out this big conspiracy. You’ve got to break it down for me. I can’t work out whatever it is you think I’m supposed to.

          BTW, I called out some really crappy attempts at journalism a couple of weeks ago in regards to this whole trainwreck. I also approved a whole bunch of new posters who rushed here to get in in the action. They weren’t SSD commenters before that. I read posts where guys attempted to defend the innuendo that scientific testing was conducted. I saw people question my integrity, angry because I called BS on poorly researched and written articles. I read comments that made absolutely no sense. And sometimes I wasn’t very nice in my reply to those comments.

          My current profession (journalism) isn’t exactly well respected these days and it’s because of lack of integrity by some individuals who taint everyone else. When I see questionable behavior regarding the creation of online articles, I’m going to call it out. That’s what happened here. I’m sick of the perception of my chosen profession being tainted by those who want to cut corners and choose clicks over integrity.

          I could care less about FIREClean, my goal is a standard of journalistic integrity. If you want a press pass for trade shows, you need to step your game up and do things right.

          • Lasse says:

            I’m just as dumb as you SSD, cause I have no clue why these people are angry…
            Cause not one person has said “IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK!” which would be a real cause to pile onto a company.

            That the public doesn’t get the recipe is not a reason to be mad…

            yo i heard pepsi is just rebranded coca cola

          • Mk43Mod0 says:

            If you were truly concerned, you’d head over to Andrew’s site (you know the one), and read his most current post on this debacle. Seems the FireClean guys have dug themselves into a hole that actually has video proof, now.

            Talk about shady? Screw Crisco, how about rigging tests with one of the most respected trainers in the industry?

            Super, super shady as fuck. Who knows if Larry even knew what the hell was going on.

            Contact me if you don’t think I’m a real person. I’ve been around this industry longer than most and have met Larry a few times. I’m disgusted and blown away by this whole thing.

            • SSD says:

              You actually believe his claims? I saw that and laughed. Talk about digging a hole, and it’s not Fireclean.

  15. nwjeep says:

    For all you FIREClean truthers out there, might I recommend a replacement? It also cures butthurt, I hear.


  16. ODG says:

    I’m just here for the comments! LMFAO!!!!!