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FireClean v. Fennel / Steel Shield Technologies Settled

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Just over a year ago, we reported that FireClean, LLC had sued George Fennell and Steel Shield Technologies in federal court for false advertising.  Now, they’ve settled.  As is so common in these cases, we’ll never know the details of the agreement, but considering FireClean released a statement first, I’d imagine that they are smiling a little bit more than “Dr” Fennell and Steel Shield Technologies.

FireClean LLC is pleased to announce, in connection with the George Fennell/Steel Shield litigation, that the dispute between the parties has been resolved to their mutual satisfaction.

Best of luck to all involved.

Federal Judge Dismisses Fireclean vs Tuohy Based On Jurisdictional Issues

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

We’ve just received word that United States District Court Judge James C. Cacheris issued an order dismissing Fireclean v. Tuohy for defamation, based on personal jurisdiction. Fireclean failed to satisfy the court that the case should be tried in Virginia when Touhy and his Vuurwapen Blog are physically located in Arizona. This also dismisses the case against Everett Baker who is from New Hampshire. This is an interesting precedent for web based writers in particular, who could previously be sued in another state for their writing.

Now, we get to see if Fireclean will pursue the case in Arizona, and perhaps New Hampshire as well. In Arizona the question of corporate personhood is more straight forward and Fireclean may only have to demonstrate negligence rather than malice as well as negligence.

UPDATE: At least he’s consistent. Tuohy even misleads about this. Rather than just telling people why the case was dismissed (jurisdiction), he’s got people believing that the case was dismissed because the Judge said the case had no merit.

Fireclean Issues Update Regarding Lawsuit Against George Fennell and Steel Shield for False Advertising

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Today saw action in the court room regarding Fireclean’s federal lawsuit against suit against George Fennell and Steel Shield for false advertising. Fennell had petitioned the court to dismiss the case. However, presiding Judge Ellis saw enough evidence to go forward with the suit.

Consequently, Fireclean issued this statement on Facebook regarding this order.

FireClean LLC is pleased to inform its customers, dealers, and followers that Judge T.S. Ellis of the Eastern District of Virginia denied George Fennell and Steel Shield’s Motion to Transfer Venue and Motion to Dismiss this morning. Judge Ellis ruled that *all* of the Defendants’ false statements, including statements that equate FIREClean® to Crisco™ and Wesson™ oils, are actionable under principles of defamation and false advertising. The case proceeds.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and wish you a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!

Below is a copy of the order.

fireclean vs fennell

Fireclean has also filed a separate lawsuit against Vuurwapen Blog, its owner Andrew Touhy and Everett Baker alleging defamation for a sereies of articles published on Vuurwapen Blog regarding the Fireclean firearm lubricant.

In response, Andrew Touhy’s legal team has made a very compelling case that the current venue in Virginia is not where the trial should be held and have asked to have it dismissed. That question will most likely be settled by the court later this month.

Regardless, as Fennell implicated Tuohy in a Facebook post, the judge’s ruling in the Fennell case assuredly means that Tuohy will be included in the discovery phase of the Fennell case which should commence shortly. Consequently, efforts to stave off discovery in Tuohy’s suit look to be stymied.

Fireclean Releases Statement Regarding Lawsuit Against Tuohy And Baker

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

FireClean LLC has recently filed a lawsuit against Andrew Tuohy and Everett Baker, asserting defamation and Virginia Business Conspiracy Act claims against these defendants, who with the specific purpose of harming FireClean, initiated a protracted and intentional smear campaign against the company.

FIREClean’s patent application was publicly accessible online two years before Tuohy wrote about FIREClean®. The patent application, on the very first page, describes a product that is composed of at least three substances, which may be plant or vegetable-based oils, and which make up between 25 and 100 percent of the formulation. Tuohy never undertook to test this statement. He chose a test that would give him the result he wanted so that he could publish sensational headlines. An infrared spectroscopy analysis was not sufficient to distinguish FIREClean® from Crisco vegetable or canola oil, and Tuohy knew this. Moreover, even after publishing his articles, Tuohy was alerted to this fact by other readers of his blog, and he never undertook to correct his analysis or conclusions.

When Tuohy told us that he intended to publish his first article- the night before he published it- and told us what his conclusions would be, we asked him for a chance to read it first, so we could provide a proper response. He refused. In his blog post he stated, “That is not how this blog works.”

Clearly, Tuohy wanted to turn a blind eye to anything that might tamper down his eye-grabbing headlines. He wanted readership, not the truth.

Some recent public social media comments have compared our suit against Tuohy to a David-versus-Goliath First Amendment case. It is anything but that. In fact, Tuohy has as many aircraft registered in his name as FireClean has employees (two). FireClean is a small business that has been subject to an unprovoked and unfair attack.

FIREClean® is not Crisco Vegetable nor Canola oil – nor otherwise common vegetable oil. FIREClean® is a proprietary, high-efficiency formulation that yielded unprecedented results in Tuohy’s own live-fire use. Tuohy’s separate statements that are the subject of our lawsuit were false, continuous, persistent, and maliciously made. FireClean has no choice but self defense. Anyone who thinks the company is wrong for doing so has clearly never had their livelihood attacked by someone engaged in a protracted smear campaign.

The Citizens of the United States of America certainly enjoy the freedom of speech provided in the First Amendment. But just as it is illegal to run into a crowded theater and yell “fire” when there is no fire, there are limits on—and repercussions to—speech that is intentionally or negligently false, that causes harm to another. These are the rights that we seek to vindicate.

We encourage you to read the suit in its entirety here:

A Public Service Message From FIREclean

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Shared with this caveat. I agree it’s not a good idea to cook with weapon lube and I also think that one should be wary of using a lubricant on a machine that wasn’t designed for use with it.  

FIREClean, LLC is issuing an alert to the public regarding wild and reckless rumors and YouTube videos that have been circulating on the Internet related to methods of lubricating firearms. These items pose a danger to public health and safety, and may result in the damage or destruction of firearms and possible injury or loss of life.

Numerous blogs, videos and other social media sources are making reckless claims that cooking oils and other commonly found household items could be a substitute for advanced firearms lubricants, including FIREClean. These claims are false and dangerous.

FIREClean is publicly responding to this controversy by first issuing a safety warning: Using non-formulated cooking oils may lead to devastating and catastrophic failure of your firearm. Attachment mechanisms of various oils to metal surfaces are not commonly understood. Nor is the reaction of different oils to air and other substances. The combination can and often will result in permanent damage to valuable property and render firearms inoperable. This can easily result in catastrophic consequences.

Through social media some individuals are unbelievably encouraging the public to use firearms lubricants and cooking oils interchangeably; but gun lubricants should not be assumed ‘safe’ for consumption or food preparation! For example, our product, FIREClean is not re-labeled Crisco, nor is it relabeled canola oil or simple vegetable oil. The bottle is clearly labeled “do not consume” and those directions should be followed. “Our company urges people not to consume or use FIREClean in the preparation of food.” pointed out Matthew Bergstrom, FIREClean Counsel.

Those relying on a functioning firearm should not take needless risk by using substances not expressly intended for firearms applications. Such a choice could cause the gun to malfunction and render it unable to perform for self-defense, for hunting, for competition, or in the line of duty. At the least, untested substances could risk damage to expensive guns. At worst, a malfunctioning firearm could cause grave bodily injury or death.

“FIREClean is a patent pending extreme performance gun oil. It is odorless, biodegradable, safe, and made in the USA. A product like FIREClean has undergone years of research, development, and testing requiring firing hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition and about as many dollars. The result is an extraordinary formula helping ensure the reliability, durability, and easy cleaning of firearms”, confirmed Bergstrom.

Whatever product gun owners ultimately choose to use, firearms safety concerns should urge the use of a tested, proven product. The shooting public’s safety – – your safety – – and maximizing the performance of your firearms especially for duty and self-defense use, is FIREClean’s primary objective.

For more information please visit

FIREClean – Despite Rumors to the Contrary, It’s Not What’s for Dinner

Monday, September 14th, 2015

File this under “why did it even have to be said?”

We would like to address recent false or misleading allegations that range from simply misguided to false, defamatory, and libelous. These attacks have been made by competitors and others that paint our product in a false or misleading light. The allegations do not focus on actual performance or relevant tests, and draw a misleading picture.

FIREClean Advanced Gun Oil is a specifically formulated, technically superior weapon reliability solution that resists the harshest firing with enormous heat and carbon overload that seize most weapons. It is a formulation- made specifically for exceptional reliability in firearms and weapons- not a re-labeled or re-packaged product.

FIREClean has been proven in combat in Afghanistan by US Special Operations Forces, and is in use by Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force Special Operations. It is also in use by elements of the FBI, DHS, DEA, CBP, Secret Service, Department of State, various intelligence agencies as well as numerous State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

FIREClean has been successfully tested on and is in use on weapons from handguns and shotguns to fully automatic and suppressed individual weapons. It has also been successfully tested on and is in use on crew served weapons from 5.56mm M249s to 40mm Automatic Grenade Launchers.

In addition to over 3 years of Combat and Service/Duty usage, FIREClean has been used on the competition circuit by the best shooters in the world, including the US Army Marksmanship Unit. It has been used to win multiple National Championships in Pistol, 3 Gun, Sniping, and many other competitive shooting disciplines.

We are proud to be of service to those that bear arms in defense of our freedom, those that serve to keep us safe in our communities, and those that carry firearms for self defense. We are also pleased to be of service to tens of thousands of competitors, hunters, and recreational shooters- all of whom appreciate the highest possible levels of reliability and safety.

We believe that our performance speaks for itself. We offer what we and many others regard as the best, highest performing product on the market. We have not commented on the formulation, nor will we do so now. We have focused on performance, and we will continue to do so.

Rest assured that we will defend our good name against false, defamatory and libelous allegations using the full measure of remedies available to us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

-Posted by FIREclean on their Facebook wall.

Meet Larry Vickers at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015



FIREClean – Pat McNamara + KAC SR-16

Friday, February 7th, 2014

It’s always fun to watch Pat McNamara at work and in the above video, he wields a custom 1911 to demonstrate a ‘turn and burn’ drill at 10, 15, and 20 yards. In the time leading up to the drill seen here, Pat put 2500 rounds through that same pistol, which was treated with FIREClean, cleaning it only just prior to the drill.

This bonus video shows the results of using FIREClean on a KAC 11.5″ select-fire SR-16 Direct-Impingement carbine. 3000 rounds of 5.56 ammunition were run through the gun, and it received no additional oiling or cleaning, only an initial treatment with FIREClean. All shots were suppressed, mostly fully-automatic fire.

Impressive? I think so.