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MDM – ALG Defense / Raven Concealment Systems


Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of holster options for pistols equipped with the ALG Defense’s 6-Second Mount. We’ve heard about a model from Raven Concealment Systems and Geiselle Automatics had a preproduction model in their booth.


Bill Geiselle told us that ALG Defense has placed an order with RCS for a run of holsters which should be available soon.


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13 Responses to “MDM – ALG Defense / Raven Concealment Systems”

  1. straps says:

    Izzat a SAFARILAND hi/lo mounting hole pattern I see there?

    If so, SOLD.

    PS, PLEASE don’t “refine” this out of the production product…

  2. Luke says:

    Off the grid concepts has had one available for no less than a month.


    • rob says:

      We have been stamping out those holsters since the Mounts were available to the public. Also Available as compatible with Safari Gcode and Bladetech.

  3. chappy says:

    Yes, that is a compatible 3 hole pattern; and not to worry, it’s not going anywhere.

    • Tetsuo says:

      Are we going to have to pay a premium for a zero cant straight drop configuration? Still SMH why RCS charges extra for that on their holsters. I have many RCS holsters but paying extra for what your competitors consider a no cost extra option … *sigh*

  4. HMFIC says:

    intrested about the safariland mounting hole pattern too!

  5. Thomasjane says:

    Is the extra material around where the aimpoint T1 goes to accommodate a larger optic? I feel like this is crazy talk but.. It looks shaped to accommodate the battery compartment of an Eotech XPS model?

    • mike says:

      It’s to allow the brightness adjustment knob to come into the holster at an angle and then seat. That EoTech shape you see is all sized for the brightness know so it doesn’t become entangled on the way in or out.

  6. Joe Stalin says:

    Holy shitballs, batman. That’s a huge gun and holster. Is this for competition?