Magpul – Now Shipping Yugo Zhukov-S Stock

I literally just saw this yesterday at Modern Day Marine. Magpul said it was coming soon and they weren’t kidding.  


The YUGO Zhukov-S Stock’s hinge block for fixed-stock Yugoslavian pattern rifles allows the user to replace their factory buttstock with this folding polymer replacement. The hinge block mounts directly to the unique rear interface of Yugo pattern rifles with the included hardware providing a very robust fit. May require hand fitting due to variances in rifles.


One Response to “Magpul – Now Shipping Yugo Zhukov-S Stock”

  1. Rob Collins says:

    I’ve got a built M70 AB2 and a kit M92 with an uncut (pistol) receiver, this makes me really glad I hadn’t built the M92 yet.

    It also reminds me of how bummed I am about Colorado’s lunacy that drove Magpul out of our state. Cool company. Cool folks. Coooool Unimog….