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Prometheus Design Werx – A.G. Watch Cap

Premium Grade, Machine Wash & Dry Merino Watch Cap Knitted in the USA


For this Autumn, San Francisco based outdoor products company Prometheus Design Werx debuts their A.G. Watch Cap on Thursday, September 24, 2015. PDW introduces a true, fully shaped and knitted, performance merino watch cap, that is made locally in California. Unlike the other “knitted” beanies or watch caps styles on the market, the PDW A.G. Watch Cap is not just a simple “tube” stitched closed at one end, but uses a true full shaping construction method, which is knitted on state of the art computer controlled German knitting machines for a superior fit and uniformed appearance. The premium grade merino wool yarn used to knit this cap is sourced from a German-Italian based supplier, “itchless” for superior comfort, and machine wash & dry for easy care.

The A.G. Watch Cap will be an evergreen seasonal style for Prometheus Design Werx, and represents their lead in producing fully knitted wool and merino performance outdoor products in the USA.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“We have much respect and admiration for this American outdoor classic that has been worn by US Service Members, and all manner of outdoors persons alike. However, we wanted to update this understated staple and create a new high standard iteration for today’s user. Taking the basic iconic ribbed knit appearance of the original, we sourced some of the world’s finest performance merino wool yarns, determined a versatile 2+ season wearable weight, and applied a true shaped knitting process to produce our reboot of this classic. PDW is also proud to be working with local knitters, and producing these watch caps in California. While the original issue watch cap stands on its own, we wanted to offer our updated interpretation of it. We believe anyone who will field ours, will find it highly versatile, much more comfortable, easy to care for, and retains that timeless and classic appearance.”

The PDW A.G. Watch Cap will be available for purchase on Thursday, September 24, 2015 via their website,


3 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – A.G. Watch Cap”

  1. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I prefer my TAD version (also Merino) not as thick.

  2. darrel says:

    Is this a joke? It’s a freaking beanie, who the heck cares, it looks the same as a three dollar beanie from walmart.

  3. Martinihenry says:

    Hope they emission tested those German knitting machines !