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UF PRO – Striker BDU In MultiCam And PenCott BadLands

MultiCam vs Badlands

UF PRO recently put together a series of action shots of the Striker BDU and other gear in the MultiCam and PenCott BadLands camouflage patterns. The images aren’t for the purpose of a comparison test, rather a chance to show off the Striker BDU in the patterns.


MultiCam vs Badlands 2

PenCott BadLands

MultiCam vs Badlands 1

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3 Responses to “UF PRO – Striker BDU In MultiCam And PenCott BadLands”

  1. bluenoser says:

    Really like the shots, and the atypical environment for exhibition.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think these really show off UF PRO’s products as much as the camouflage itself.

    For example, the second Multicam picture (rear facing) and the third Badlands picture (heavy brush) don’t really show off the BDU at all.

    We get the context that they work at distance, but since all photos do that same thing, all we end up seeing is ‘some BDU’ in that pattern. None of the photos really hone in on the BDU details.

    Do correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. BAP45 says:

    Really wish we could get more pencott here.