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During DSEI, Golden Arrow Marine exhibited quite a few maritime systems but this electric outboard by Torqeedo caught my eye.  The Travel model is available in 1.5 & 3hp variants and utilizes a Lithium battery that can be recharged by solar panel.

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3 Responses to “Torqeedo”

  1. Zulu6 says:

    I saw a German built civilian version of this for powering a trolling motor on folding Sea Kayaks like Klepper. Long Haul or Nautiraids. Pushes you 2-3 knots at full power. Nice if you are exhausted but cumbersome unless traveling up small estuaries where you need both hands free.

  2. m5 says:

    What is this?

    The photos show some short of a truncated kayak mockup with propeller and solar panels, with an electric outboard next to it.

    Is the point that the civilian outboard engine can be militarized by painting it Multicam? Or that it has been modified for inboard usage in a kayak? Or that the small solar panel can somehow suffice for a 1.5 or 3hp engine?

    I’m a bit at loss why a military kayak would need an auxiliary engine in the first place. All military kayaks I’ve seen have been doubles, so the other guy can still control the kayak, if the other one needs to use his hands for operating something else.