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AUSA – Gerber Silver Trident

While Gerber’s Silver Trident isn’t exactly brand new, I don’t feel that it has received the attention it deserves.


A William Harsey, Jr. and Chief Watson (a founding member of Navy Seal Team 2) design collaboration, the Silver Trident features a 6.5″ double serrated blade made from 154CM.  The handle is overmolded with  two densities of Hytrel, a rubbery compound, with a rock hard center and softer, textured outer layer.  The steel butt is meant for hammering and the knife comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.




9 Responses to “AUSA – Gerber Silver Trident”

  1. Bill says:

    Frankly, either price sounds high for a Gerber.

  2. Fred says:

    So when I first got out of college in ’91 I was a reporter for a small newspaper in Stuart, FL, I had a few opportunities to interview Chief Watson as he was the curator for the UDT/SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce. One of my favorite stories I did involving him was a soft piece when he married his wife near the waterfront by the Port of Fort Pierce on the Indian River. While his fiancé waited on a sidewalk beside the water, Chief Watson emerges from the water, jocked up in a black wetsuit and a Draeger rebreather. He clambered up a ladder mounted to the seawall there, then squished up to his bride-to-be where the ceremony began. He had to have been in his mid-50s at the time. It was great.

    • Bill Harsey says:

      Fred, Great history, Thanks!
      The Chief also told me his re-breather quit working and he almost drowned that day.

      • Fred says:

        Wow, Bill, that is a great part of the story. I never knew that. Thanks for sharing. I got to write a couple of other stories about the teams that Chief Watson gave me leads on. They were some of my favorites during my time there. Love your work by the way.

  3. Bill Harsey says:

    Designing and making the prototypes with Chief Watson, wasn’t just a job, it was an adventure and an honor.
    Gerber more than did their part getting this knife right continuing to make it 100% in Portland Oregon.
    Chief Watson was a guest in our home on several occasions and I was his guest at the annual UDT-SEAL Muster in Ft. Pierce Florida, Home of the official Navy SEAL Museum.
    Rest In Peace Chief and God Bless.

    Bill Harsey, knifemaker

  4. Lorian says:

    The seal Museum is a must see if your any where close to it. Very cool. And there arnt better knifes any where than Mr Harseys.