AUSA – Laser Technology Inc

This is the TruPulse Tactical Laser Range Finder from Laser Technology Inc.


Fully programmable, the TruPulse allows the user to program up to five different cartridges, either on the device or via software and a data cable.  Additionally, the TruPulse incorporates an onboard barometric sensor and thermometer. Additionally, the user can program wind calls into the device to compute holds.  The TruPulse has 7x magnification with 110 yd FOV at 1000 yards.  Using a 905 nm infrared pulse laser, it offers a measurement range of 10-2500 yards with a maximum compensated range of 1400 yards.  It also commutes tilt.  

Powered by a CR123A, expect 8-10 hours it’s average use but 4-5 with intensive use.


2 Responses to “AUSA – Laser Technology Inc”

  1. Frtizthedog says:

    Available to mere mortals?

  2. mud says:

    I stopped by this booth..
    IVO $2K

    Looks to be in the Terrapin (SP?) class. O’ wait terrapin is no longer made.