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Angel 7 Industries – A7 Stealth Eye Pro

This is a release from Angel 7 Industries, through their A7 Defense & Aerospace division, regarding the release of the new A7 Stealth Eye Pro. The full release can be read below:

A7 Defense & Aerospace, a division of Angel 7 Industries, is proud to introduce the new A7 Stealth eye pro with super ballistic i-RMR technology, Ghost Shield super fast photochromic technology, and next-gen Laser Eye Protection (820-1064nm) all in one lens!


i-RMR technology is the industries’ most ballistically advanced and can defeat a shotgun blast, using steel shot, from 15 feet away. Ghost Shield is the industries’ fastest photochromic technology that darkens to 13% VLT in less than ten seconds, and is also the toughest as it is not a coating but is embedded in the lens material itself so there is nothing to scratch off and nothing that can be affected by sand, fuels, chemicals, etc. These two one-of-a-kind technologies have now been combined with next generation Laser Eye Protection (LEP) that protects in the range of 820-1064nm with a high VLT resulting in one lens with multi-mission, multi-threat capability.



  • i-RMR advanced ballistic capability
  • Ghost Shield super fast, super tough photochromic technology
  • State-of-the-art LEP 820-1064nm with high VLT
  • Lightweight, sleek design with full coverage
  • Durable TR-90 frames
  • Thinner arms for ear pro compatibility
  • Quick-change UPC
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • High performance anti-fog
  • Crystal clear optics


    8 Responses to “Angel 7 Industries – A7 Stealth Eye Pro”

    1. Dan says:

      Look great, but who is going to sell these once they’re out??

    2. bulldog76 says:

      soooo where can i send my money……

    3. Ex Coelis says:

      These look every bit as good as Oakley glasses and given to their advertised performance values, look they’d perform better than Oakley. I’m intrigued! I visited the provided link but couldn’t see a retailer or retail price for these…
      Hope to see a review on these glasses, very soon. Thank you for this post, SSD!!!

    4. jb says:

      I thought you couldn’t show the nm for laser protection?

    5. Mc Cain, P.T. says:

      I’m in.

      Where can I buy these bad boys?

    6. Dan says:

      I emailed A7 and got a reply back today. Seems they’ll be opening an e-commerce site in the near future.

    7. Historia says:

      Cool, I love my Oakley’s but competition drives the market