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TrackingPoint & Taya Kyle Unite For First-Ever $1M American Sniper Shootout


Wife of American Sniper Takes on World-Renowned Shooting Champion for $1 Million to Benefit Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Mason, Texas (October 27, 2015) – Billed as the shootout of the century, Taya Kyle will use TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearms to take on a world-renowned champion shooter in the inaugural American Sniper Shootout. If the champ wins against Taya and the TrackingPoint system, he will take home the $ 1 million prize.

The landmark event is set for Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015 in Mason, Texas, with proceeds benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Sponsors are already planning to make the American Sniper Shootout an annual event.

The American Sniper Shootout is the first of its kind to pit a novice shooter armed with the TrackingPoint system against the best in the world in a head-to-head competition featuring the types of shots routinely encountered by soldiers in battle. TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearms instantly transform inexperienced shooters into world-class marksmen, and the competition will validate the claim, staking $1 million on Taya out-shooting the champion.

“I am a novice shooter,” said Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, the most prolific sniper in American history. “When I shoot TrackingPoint guns, I feel Chris’s spirit in my hands. Chris would be proud to know that every soldier now has the power to dominate any adversary, and it’s even better that this event benefits military service men and women, veterans, first responders and their families through the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.”

Chris Kyle had an early influence on the development of TrackingPoint guns. In a chance encounter with the American Sniper in 2009, TrackingPoint Founder and CEO John McHale and Kyle explored the nuances of precision shooting and the possibility of building a gun that would change the face of war.

“Chris and I went back-and-forth on how to make everyone an extraordinary shot,” said McHale. “We were both excited, realizing it was entirely possible to give our troops insurmountable squad-overmatch capability. We knew we were on to a world-changing idea. That was the day TrackingPoint was born.”

“We want people to know that TrackingPoint Precision-Guided firearms can save our soldiers’ lives and protect our nation,” said McHale. “And, this event is also designed to let our enemies know what’s in store for them when they come up against American forces.”

McHale expects a fierce battle. “The TrackingPoint system enables even inexperienced shooters to make incredible shots that most would think impossible, rivaling the best marksmen in the world,” he said. “The champion who steps up to take this challenge may have met their match this time. Taya and TrackingPoint are a powerful combination.”

The American Sniper Shootout is comprised of a series of shots at unknown distances on static and moving targets. Shooting positions include prone, off-hand and blind shots in which the shooter is completely hidden and unable to directly see targets. Scoring is weighted based on degree of difficulty.

The day-long event in Mason is open to the public and includes a music festival featuring the Scooter Brown Band and their hard-driving country from warriors who served our country; and Donica Knight, a rising country star with pure southern style.

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18 Responses to “TrackingPoint & Taya Kyle Unite For First-Ever $1M American Sniper Shootout”

  1. D.B. says:


  2. Matt says:

    This is getting a little weird. When she shoots she feels chris spirit in her hands. Wow. Nothing like milking a dead guy to sell products.

    • Daniel says:

      They really should have picked better wording if they didn’t want to come off as a bunch of shills. Even if the product is good to go, I wonder if the sniper will be instructed to throw the match for some kind of throw back after the competition. Talk about poor media relations management.

      • Matt says:

        You got that right. The way she talks in the vid is just….cringeworthy for lack of a better word. I mean the way she says “God Country”etc just sounded so wrong. On top of claiming she feels Chris’s spirit in the product. I mean. WTF on so many different levels. Her husband is dead. Instead of whoring herself out to make money off of her husbands name she should wash the make up off, take off all the product apparel, throw on some mom jeans, and take care of her kids. Don’t get me wrong. If she could make some money QUIETLY/discreetly from Kyles books, or allow a company to sell Chris Kyle products, then use the profits for her kids future that would be fine. But evoking her dead husbands spirit for a product he might not have ever seen is just sad. Even if Chris Kyle checked out the product and approved this would still be weird and uncomfortable.

    • 11B says:

      “We want people to know that TrackingPoint Precision-Guided firearms can save our soldiers’ lives and protect our nation”

      Yeah sounds like they’re slingin a product to me.

  3. Larry says:

    She loves the limelight.

  4. James Irwin says:

    Total bull…

  5. Stephen says:

    I truly wonder if John McHale (TP CEO) ever met Chris Kyle. Tracking Point was floundering on the brink of closing shop and recently received a cash infusion from investors. Everything TP ever touted revolved around big game hunting. If Chris had endorsed TP, why was it never brought up until now? Even their “About” page on their website says TP was founded as a result of hunting (

    When our founder missed a shot at a gazelle at 300 yards, his mind began to churn. He thought, why not…

    Put fighter jet technology in a firearm?
    Make firearms that amplify innate human shooting ability?
    Build firearms that dramatically extend the effective range of the average shooter?
    He brought together a team from around the world: target-tracking software experts, electrical engineers, and optics engineers. Just 2.5 years later, the first Precision-Guided Firearm was created.

    If McHale truly never interacted with Chris (or even if he had but only superficially) and he’s putting words in the mouth of a dead Warrior – and that gets out – TP is done.

    • bluenoser says:

      Can’t speak to the speculation, but would agree – TP would be done if that’s the case.

      The tech would be here to stay though, even if rebranded.

  6. Madurin says:

    John Henry versus the Steam Hammer, anyone?

    Call me old-fashioned, but the last thing I want is putting precision firepower in the hands of novices. Everything about this is… really distasteful.

    • 11B says:

      Too late, cat’s out of the bag now. In 10 years this tech will be ubiquitous and other nations will be fielding it too. Won’t replace true snipers though.

  7. P.J. says:

    The system is cool and all, but this comes across as less of a test and more of a cry for attention. I particularly like how the scoring is explained as “based on difficulty” and they won’t name the competitor.

  8. bulldog76 says:

    im not saying she is trying to make cash off her dead husband’s name buuuuut

  9. Mike Nomad says:

    I guess I’ll come in with the contrarian view…

    I feel some sorry for her. Her husband is dead from trying to do right, she has two children to feed, and she has to get the Scruff Face monkey off her back. That SF thing alone is going to lighten her pocket by a couple of million, whether or not she has it.

    We all know the rap: Eat or be eaten. In this case, it looks like some of both.

    • James Irwin says:

      When deciding on amount to be awarded to J. Venture, the judge took into account current value of Kyle family’s wealth. And yes, it’s much higher than many would have guessed. To summarize, she will loose some, but it won’t exactly make her poor.

  10. WC says:

    Everything about this is a shame. Taya needs to move on and out of this industry.

  11. mud says:

    creepy and sad

    this is what pathetic corporate handlers do to the less than savvy

    And BTW, tracking point can suck it