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ARES Defense Announces Belt-Fed MCR Lite At NASGW

ARES Defense MCR Lite copy

MELBOURNE, FL, October 30, 2015 ­ ARES Defense Systems, the country’s leading manufacturer of innovative, mission-configurable firearms, parts and accessories announced the introduction of its belt-fed MCR Lite at NASGW in New Orleans. The MCR Lite is an upper receiver assembly that fits standard AR15/M4 lower receivers and just like the full-featured MCR (Mission Configurable Rifle) upper receivers, it features gas-piston operation, a true (3 second) quick-change barrel assembly and the ability to feed from M27 linked ammunition belts or standard AR magazines at the shooter’s discretion.

“ARES Defense built its business on our belt-fed rifles and upper receiver assemblies which among others, have been purchased by civilians, US government and militaries overseas.” says Geoffrey Herring, President-CEO of ARES Defense. “At 8.5 lbs, the MCR is the lightest and most portable belt-fed in the world and like all ARES Defense products is 100% Made in the USA. We recently released an engineering test video of our AMG-2 government model where we demonstrate a continuous 700-round burst of automatic fire to show the reliability of our belt-fed line. While the full-featured MCR and AMG-2 models are a first choice for professional shooters, we wanted to provide a Lite model that allows recreational shooters to experience the thrill of our belt-fed systems at a fraction of the price of our full-feature models.”

The primary differences between the MCR and the MCR Lite is that the Lite model has a fixed gas port, aluminum feed tray, round feed roller housing and lighter barrel than the MCR. Available for immediate shipment by ARES Defense and also being carried by distributors AMCHAR, RSR and others, the MCR Lite carries an MSRP price tag of $2,995.

ARES Defense AMG-2 video demonstrating a 700-round burst:

For more information, please email [email protected] or contact ARES Defense by telephone at (321) 242-8410. Additional details available on the ARES Defense website: www.aresdefense.com.


9 Responses to “ARES Defense Announces Belt-Fed MCR Lite At NASGW”

  1. james says:

    Those aluminum feed trays have a much shorter lifespan than the Nickel plated ones. Also, I question the usefulness of a light barrel on a beltfed, personally a short barrel would make more sense if you are that worried about weight.

  2. Erik says:

    Can I put this on the Ares SCR lower? I want to make an abomination.

  3. Kurt says:

    HAHA….”Available for immediate shipment”….Their history with the SHRIKE means this will be available in about 2024.

    I dare you to say the word SHRIKE on most of the big gun boards…watch the explosion of comments, haha….

    • Greg says:

      Ha ha,, you’re silly. Yes there was issues @ first but I bet if you buy it, they’ll ship it. Put your money where your mouth is, Internet gangster. Ha ha ha

      • Kurt says:

        Are you kidding ??? I WAS one of the first depositors in 2001 ($2,495) when the SHRIKE was advertised. The prevailing opinion, of the two big boards back then, was that Geoff used the capital from all of the initial investments to further prototype the SHRIKE upper. It took NINE YEARS, yes NINE YEARS for people to get their uppers from Ares. I got my money back. Did I mention nine years.

        They were professional about it when people asked for their deposits back, they did refund their money with no issues, but what really pissed people off is when the first batches of uppers that were built went to fulfill Military contracts they has sold them off to and not to the true first investors.


      • Greg says:

        I see, we’ll I’ve seen lots of them. Seems like they are finally on track? Don’t give up o a great product from an infant company. They are like 15yrs old now and should be rolling them out. Check ICE ARMORY they have a bunch. I’m sorry you had a bad experience but let’s not bash for things of the past. ?

  4. Wes says:

    State of the manufacturing facilities, world class quality and excellent customer service are now the standard for ARES Defense Systems. Anyone that is interested in an outstanding product line needs to evaluate what they offer and deliver prior to buying elsewhere. If someone else has brought to the market what ARES has, please let me know who it is.

  5. joe says:

    $3K for a belt fed upper is about as cost-effective as I’ve seen.