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Milipol – Kirintec IED Extraction Kit

This IED Extraction Kit from Kirintec incorporates a lightweight A-frame made from carbon fiber and aluminum and includes 120 yards of heavy duty rigging line on a winding spool along with other accessories including knife, multitool and flashlight as well as various rigging accessories such as carabiners.



5 Responses to “Milipol – Kirintec IED Extraction Kit”

  1. Tech says:

    I don’t get what makes it an “extraction” kit. It doesn’t look like the sort of thing you pack in “just in case.”

  2. JP says:

    Mmmmmm…carbon fiber secondary-frag. Good times!

  3. Class03180S says:

    Probably aimed at “extracting” heavy main charge jugs from the ground. The mini-tripod would give you a straight-line of pull. Just a guess. Good idea, but I needed it 3 years ago…oh well.