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Magpul Now Shipping CORE Gloves


Magpul is now shipping all five four of the models of CORE gloves announced last week: CORE Flight Glove, CORE Breach Glove (FR and non-FR), CORE Technical Glove, and CORE Patrol Glove. The CORE Ranch Glove is slated for an early 2016 release.

CORE Gloves


9 Responses to “Magpul Now Shipping CORE Gloves”

  1. Dart says:

    Ranch gloves still say coming 2016. So not ALL gloves are shipping. Ranch were the ones I was most looking toward towards.

    • Thanks for the catch. The article’s been updated.

      • Magpul says:

        Technically five glove models are being shipped as the Breach glove has two models -a Fire Resistant Nomex version and non FR version.

        The Ranch glove was a prototype that originally was not going to be released but was added last minute due to it’s popularity with the testers. So it fell behind the others in production.

  2. Blake Slamson says:

    OK so they managed to stay in the “news” for a week by making ridiculously small releases? At that point it’s not maximizing exposure, it’s boring potential consumers.

    • Magpul says:

      About 5 years ago we had a company enter the the glove marketplace with several models at once (due to their acquisition of another company). They sent us a box of gloves unsolicited and to this day none of us really understood what each of the models were intended for.

      For that reason we decided to release each of the different types of glove separately along with short video clip showing the gloves in their intended usage. While it would have been easier to announce all the gloves in a single release, the method we used clearly identify the differences in both mission and construction of each of the glove models for the potential user.

      • Oglee says:

        Aren’t these made in China?

        • Magpul says:

          We are currently researching Berry Amendment compliant solutions (all US made) , although that will mean a significant increase in price to achieve the same quality. Typically any labor or BOM cost increase is going to be multiplied by 3 or 4(if not more) in the MSRP for this sort of product made in the USA.

          For the gloves, the team involved in the design has significant experience in sourcing and manufacturing gloves all over the world. Vietnam was selected as the location of manufacture for the gloves due to the consistently high standard of quality from the factory chosen. Obviously we source materials domestically when feasible, like using all US-Made Nomex in the FR versions of the gloves.

          So long as the gloves are using similar quality materials in either situation the domestic product will not be any better than the overseas version due to places like Vietnam having a lot more institutional knowledge on how to make a good glove or pair of pants, and the workforce to back it up.

      • Blake Slamson says:

        Can’t speak for everyone, but personally I read the first, then saw the others and yawned “oh again” and skipped them.

        I do appreciate the thoughtful response.

        In my opinion, however, having a table highlighting the main features of each, briefly, along with links to the long description on your website, would’ve been much more effective.

  3. JKifer says:

    Very interested in the patrol gloves, them seem very similar to the PIG’s that I love (minus the snot pad). Wondering how form fitting the finger tips are and how the internal seams are placed for longterm comfort?