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Converting the M4 to the M4A1 Configuration

In this video from 2014, technicians from Anniston Army Depot, Alabama and TACOM are performing the Modification Work Order upgrades from M4 to the M4A1 configuration on site at Ft Riley. The M4s will receive a new, heavier barrel, ambidextrous safety and a conversion from 3-round burst to full-auto fire. They can be seen moving along at a pretty good pace, upgrading about 300 Carbines per day. The extent of the MWO can be seen in the graphic above.

M4A1 - General warehouse shots 1

18 Responses to “Converting the M4 to the M4A1 Configuration”

  1. Happy for any progress for big army. I guess it will be another couple decades before they get a free float rail though.

    • Ashley says:

      If only SOCOM had tested, adopted, fielded and NSN’d a longer free float rail or complete URG with free float rail about a decade ago….


  2. SN says:

    Good start, they need to look and see what industry offers (free floating rail, improved charging handles, etc)

    • Yawnz says:

      I’m sure they’re aware, but are those upgrade important enough to consider in the budget?

  3. EB says:

    Cool video, liked the laser engraving. An improved charging handle would be a cheap but great upgrade.

  4. J says:

    I just wished they would have went the extra mile with the M4 upgrades using newer and better components from the firearms industry such as the following:
    1. A 16 inch, QPQ Nitride, mid-length gas system barrel.
    2. A QPQ Nitride BCG with a 9310 Tool Steel Bolt.
    3. A T6 7075 aluminum charging handle and buffer tube.
    4. A 5.56 BCM GUNFIGHTER MOD 1 Compensator.
    These upgrades would benefit soldiers greatly.

  5. Moshjath says:

    As SSD alluded to, if only the M4A1+ actually becomes a RFP…

  6. Jose Gordon says:

    Soldiers didn’t ask for a full auto weapon because automatic fire is needed. They asked for a better, more consistent trigger because of our CAT-C program and our (AWG’s) efforts to show that Soldiers had shitty marksmanship scores because they had shitty three round burst inconsistent trigger pull weapons which caused a severe degradation in a Soldiers ability to provide accurate consistent fire. Remember, accuracy is directly attributed to consistency and this is directly correlated to consistent trigger pull. This is a perfect example of the CDID and PEO-S AGAIN not really articulating the requirement because they don’t know first what Soldiers said was the deficit in the M4 in the first place. If they – MCOE/CDID/SRD – were like us (we embed with Units and see, feel, smell and discuss the gaps the Soldiers see so there is no interpretation but instead first hand observations – when we embed we get to carry guns and dress like those we embed with and fight, get wounded and even die with them if we have too) then they would TRULY be the the Soldiers representative. But instead they survey and analyze which leads to interpretation which results in assenine statements by PM-IW. Here’s a thought…how about SRD/CDID/MCOE ask us what we see and what asymmetric problem we identify in target engagement…NO WAIT…that would be common-sense!!!!!

    • Adrian says:

      Absolutely Jose! Its ridiculous to watch that video… “soldiers asked for a full auto m4” …. um no we didn’t. Maybe some POG did, but we asked for a better trigger and longer free float rails. We checked one off the list, wonder how long it will take the other.

  7. Carlos says:

    No thanks!!! When we get a 13″ freefloat rail, then I’ll take it. Get with the program ARMY!!

  8. Pigmy Puncher says:

    So wait – we’re back to full auto again? Anyone know the cycle/rotation between auto/burst so we can anticipate the next major change LOL!

    • Oglee says:

      Auto trigger has one concistant trigger pull. Burst has 3 crappy trigger pulls that are inconsistent.

      Auto trigger is superior.

  9. The GOAT says:

    Consistent trigger pull and quicker SPENDEX’s, it’s a win-win. Too bad they didn’t go full SOPMOD with the FF extended rail.