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A great recruiting video from the early days of the VOLAR. Men running in boots and that awesome soundtrack.

19 Responses to “AIRBORNE!”

  1. rich w says:

    No PT Belts?


  2. maresdesign says:

    No PT belts and running in combat boots and fatigues – How did they survive?!!

  3. GW says:


  4. Matt says:

    My neighbor went to jump school in 1968…I went in 1990. He told me what to expect down to the detail…and his description was spot on…22 years, little had changed!

    ~They said~ the running in boots was to expose those who were hiding minor ankle injuries which could become major injuries on a jump.

  5. Chucker says:

    My Dad volunteered for the paratroops in the 40’s. Not only running in boots but in wool fatigues. Yep, they even had those towers back then too.

    The narrator’s voice reminds me of the Bud Light “We Salute You” series of commercials.

  6. Alex says:

    This video was literally the best part of jump school for me.

  7. Rich275 says:

    That was almost as good as porn! I think we still did that same p-t in 1988.

  8. patrulje68 says:

    41st Co 84′; we still had steel pots, but wore BDUs.

  9. RJ says:

    Glorious! Thanks Eric, keep ’em coming. Keeps things in perspective.

  10. Jose says:

    Should’ve kept that one for tomorrow.. Everything looked the same minus the JM helmet, the buzzer when the red light came on (don’t remember that) and I didn’t have that crazy look on my face.. Other than that, same in 1990 (Bronchitis put out of the school) and 1993.

  11. Wild Bill says:

    WOW!!! Makes me want to go back to FEB 1983 and do it all over again!!!

    Although the BDUs were authorized in late 1981 to early 1982, we were still allowed to wear the “Mean Greens” until end of 1984. I finally got to an Airborne unit in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1985 – 2D ANGLICO. (Nowadays, ANGLICO units are part of the Special OPS community.)

    Thanks for sharing this good old video. Makes me feel 30 years younger just watching it.

  12. Jon says:

    I was a private and I had some of the Cadets in my class (who didn’t know Joe Rumor) convinced that we had to climb the towers! Then they went back to their break and college, eventually making much more $$ than me. Oh well, I sure fooled them!

  13. Harry says:

    I guess I’m old, went through Jump school in 1976. The high jumper and the body twist, my favorites. Where’s the gig pit? Those students had entirely too much hair on their heads. Thanks for the memories, my how time flies.
    Old style C130 paint job.

  14. Dave-O says:

    Jump school at 40. Seemed like the thing to do! During jump week, I was in the chute shed on those dang benches. This video played for 4 hours. Over and over. I was cracking up on my first landing.. Did my feet really just hurt Fryer Field??

    Thanks for the video. Epic.

  15. Ranger Rick says:

    “Feet and knees together Sergeant, Airborne!”

  16. Ben says:

    Holy shit, they still play this thing while your waiting to load the aircraft… we got quite a few good one liners from that video during our time in benning… thanks for the post.