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Scout Sniper Mount Awarded To LaRue Tactical


December 14, 2015

LaRue Tactical is proud to announce that their LT840-34 QD Scope Mount has been selected as the new USMC Scout Sniper Day Scope-Improved Mount (SSDS-IM). Over 2,800 units have been ordered with the first delivery already in the Marine’s hands.

The LT840-34 (SSDS-IM) is a lightweight, ruggedized quick-disconnect (QD) mount capable of mounting M8541 and M8541A optics to the inventory of M110 and M107 rifles. Like all LaRue QD Mounts, the mounting attachment method is adjustable, durable and repeatable if removed and reinstalled. The 34mm mount is offered in two versions; zero-MOA and 20-MOA bias for different applications.

This award adds to the growing number of LaRue Tactical mounts currently being used for virtually every optic operated by the USMC. A commercial version of the LT840-34 will be available in early 2016.


3 Responses to “Scout Sniper Mount Awarded To LaRue Tactical”

  1. Matt says:

    That’s awesome news. A good American companies supplying our troops with great products.

  2. Viper1 says:

    That solicitation was one of the more jacked up ones they wrote. I hope some people bother to read it. I mean who has an repeatability test that only requires taking the optic off/on once? They also spec’d the levers on the left side (no clue why), then changed the spec after award. Typically that would require a new solicitation, guess SYSCOM is above following their own rules

  3. BTE says:

    Viper1 is spot on. The corps selection of “lowest price technically acceptable” was the result of 2 solicitation for the same product. Not sure a single removal and replacement without firing any rounds can be classified as any sort of repeatability testing by even airsoft standards. There were also other “good American companies” involved. SYSCOM surely has its own interpretation of the FAR regulations. And technically the mount they awarded the contract on was not even the one they tested.