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Breakthrough Clean Technologies Partners With Falkor Defense

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December 11th, 2015: Breakthrough Clean Technologies is proud to announce their partnership with firearms manufacturer, Falkor Defense. Falkor Defense will be offering Breakthrough Clean Technologies products with every firearm sold. Falkor Defense has also implemented Breakthrough’s solvent, and lubricants to their manufacturing/ production process.

Falkor Defense is best known for their innovations and unconventional AR rifle platforms including Patent Pending Mirrored Ambidextrous Controls as well as other Patent Pending features on their .300 Winchester Magnum AR..
“Falkor Defense is a revolutionary company that is testing the limits of what is currently known about rifle manufacturing, and going beyond it,” said Erick Navarro, CEO of Breakthrough Clean. “This allows us to also test the limits of our own products in ways that we thought were not possible, it will be a fun journey.”

Learn more at: www.FalkorDefense.com


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    Best Cleaner in the market by far!!!!