215 Gear – Cold Weather Beanie, Level 4

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215 Gear’s Cold Weather Beanie, Level 4 was developed as a form fitting cold weather beanie, with flat seams for stand-alone use, or for wear under a helmet. It is constructed with a 4-way stretch softshell outer layer, and a Polartec Power Stretch Pro brushed fleece inner layer. These fabrics give the Level 4 Beanie moisture wicking and breathability properties, as well as reduced irritation when worn with other fabrics and overall increased abrasion resistance.

Available in S-M and M-L. Made in the USA, with a lifetime warranty.


21 Responses to “215 Gear – Cold Weather Beanie, Level 4”

  1. ScubaSteve says:

    can’t tell if that is a manikin or a person or cgi.

  2. Geoff says:

    Holy price tag. Twice the price of similar material hats from commercial market vendors. I get the upcharge for multicam but come on.

    • EB says:

      More expensive than the Crye…

    • babola says:

      WOW, just checked too.
      Different planet I must live on.

    • Chris K. says:

      It’s made from Softshell material, as in softshell jackets, so yeah it’s gonna be more than a fleece of knit beanie.

      • D.B. says:

        Softshell ain’t that special, believe me.

        • Chris K. says:

          Uh, no I don’t believe you, especially when comparing it to standard fleece or knit. This is softshell that’s lined with high quality fleece and it’s made in the USA = higher cost. If you don’t like don’t buy it.

          • babola says:

            You’ve been brainwashed, Chris…believe what you want but the softshell isn’t what you “believe” it is. Simple as that. And you can line it with any sort of material and make it in USA…it’s still a softshell, nothing special about it.

          • D.B. says:

            Of course you don’t believe me, and as a person behind that avatar, how could you 😉
            It’s your money after all, if you believe this beanie is worth it, go for your life.

    • Zeus says:

      If you don’t need it and can’t afford it – oh well.

  3. FormerDirtDart says:

    I always liked my good old issue sleeping cap.
    But damn, could that thing piss off a CSM…lol

  4. 215 Gear says:

    If you look on the commercial market, there really is no comparison. Sitka is the closest in construction, using softshell and fleece; made overseas. The Crye beanie is printed fleece, single layer, until the ears where it doubles. This is Multicam softshell and full coverage lining with Polartec hard shell fleece; all fully made in America. There will be follow on models, with different materials, at several price points. This model is with the unfortunately higher priced materials.

    • mike says:

      Often times if you have to explain it then no explanation will do. Education is important, but for some no amount of technical data will overcome their desire to buy cheap product made overseas. It’s entirely legitimate to decide your mission profile, or simply you gear wants, don’t warrant the best, but don’t knock the best because you can’t justify it!

      • Bill says:

        I don’t want to buy cheap crap made overseas, but I also need to buy groceries and make car payments. If I was going to over-winter in Antarctica, that would be one thing. There has to be a middle ground somewhere.

        • mike says:

          There is most certainly middle ground. There are a lot of people making headwear for you. 215Gear is making headwear for someone else.

    • Jeremy says:

      Any plans for just plain black, so it can be worn out of uniform also?

    • Mitch says:

      I’d be all over this if it fully covered your ears (like the Crye cap)

  5. Stephen says:

    beyond clothing makes one very similar as well, price point is slightly cheaper by less than 8 bucks, quite frankly, you get what you pay for and if this isn’t up your alley than go spend $20 on some made in china bs, this looks good to go!

  6. Luke says:

    after all that talk I was expecting like $80+
    $50 is a lot for a hat, but I really don’t think they could sell this particular hat for any less.