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Whiskey 5 – Radical Firearms



Radical Firearms. We’re a Title II NFA Gun Manufacturer and retail operation with a complete—and growing—lineup of pistols, rifles, shotguns, silencers, and machine guns. We manufacture this line of our line of custom built AR-15s, AR-10s, bolt guns and silencers in house. We are a true manufacturer, not an assembly shop, with a fully tooled and operational gunsmithing facility. Our employees, 80% of whom are veterans because of our veteran hiring preference, are passionate about what they do and knowledgeable enough to do it extraordinarily well.



Radical began as a hobby. We started as Kyle Richie’s small shop, handling FFL transfers in a modest retail space while building high end ARs and bolt guns for choosy buyers with specific needs. We then brought in another black gun aficionado, David Spector, who knew workaday guns and business. We soon began to buy CNC machines to create better tolerances for the some of the pieces we were assembling in house (the first piece was a gas block). After selling enough gas blocks we bought more machines to manufacture other parts. With more CNC machine purchases we began hiring passionate employees. We started to realize we were creating our own parts at a fraction of the cost, which allowed us to pass the savings on to our customers. We now offer a great selection of firearms and parts that are built here in Texas for the most discerning firearms enthusiast and professional. From Military/Law Enforcement to 3Gun participants we are sure to have some thing that will meet your needs and budget—and we can do for as little as half the cost of other manufacturers. Don’t believe it? Visit the facility and watch us build your specific rifle start to finish.



Radical Firearms started in Texas, 2012 and the first CNC machine was purchased in 2013. We are proud to have grown from a small shop to selling 2000 rifles per month with over 50 employees in just three years.



Radical Firearms is located in 4413 Bluebonnet Suite 8 Stafford, TX 77477. Check our site for hours for the store. We have been in Stafford the whole time, at same facility, in the same building. All of our principals are native Texans.



Simply put, there’s a need, and because there are many rifle “manufacturers” who are disingenuous at best. Some source their parts from other manufacturers (including us) and put them together Lego fashion. Some source their parts the same way, then claim they’re built internally. We build our guns from muzzle device back, and really the actual manufacturing process. We have substantially less tolerance stacking than many manufacturers and can better control quality because everything is right there, cut to fit everything else exactly. You’re not going to find a couple thousandths off here and a couple thousandths off there on a Radical rifle. The team in our factory and store take pride in their work and thoroughly enjoy being part of the community. Besides building firearms for the public we have also begun to provide rifles to various law enforcement agencies in Texas and are the official rifle of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA). Being part of the community is some thing in which we take pride; part of that is being a good neighbor. Our philanthropy work has raised a lot of money. We have as many as five rifle giveaways a month for various charities, from the families of fallen LEOs to families who lost everything during the recent flooding.

You can learn more about us online at

We’re on Facebook at and on Instagram as well, @radicalfirearms.


3 Responses to “Whiskey 5 – Radical Firearms”

  1. Grady Burrell says:

    Great company to work with, killer customer service and Top Shelf weapons. 308 is already on order.

  2. BillC says:

    I have one of their 5.56mm 10.5″ Stainless Steel barrels. I like it, but I had ADCO media blast it into a dull finish. Pretty happy with the barrel so far. Paired it with a Geissele MK4 rail. Wish I could add more, but I’ve only shot it at 20 yards at an indoor range, off-hand, to test my upper build.

  3. ArmsVault says:

    Great looking rifles. Love the veteran hiring preference!