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Wolf Wind Leatherworks – Wolf Heavy Duty Operation Bag


Wolf Wind Leatherworks’ Wolf Heavy Duty Operation Bag was designed to improve the organization of the user’s gear, and to ensure that critical tools are kept secured yet readily accessible. The pack splits open into four parts, and has four integrated leather pouches, as well as a ruggedized detachable leather central painel. The Wolf Heavy Duty Operation Bag attaches to larger packs or plate carriers, and can also attach to a user’s belt or to the included Wolf Utility Sling for off-the-shoulder carry. Additionally, every bag is made-to-order and is personalized with the owner’s name.



  • Made of durable 500D Cordura nylon fabric with water resistant coating
  • Austrialpin Cobra Adjustable buckle (black-matte finish)
  • Bladetech TEK-LOK
  • ITW D-Ring Nylon
  • Polyamid Webbing Kryptek
  • ITW Nexus Triglide
  • Black oxide treated steel screws
  • Heavy duty USMC snap fasteners
  • High quality vegetable tanned leather
  • Handcrafted and hand stitched with waxed linen thread
  • Fiebing´s oil dyes
  • Water and mildew repellent finish
  • Sling:

  • Austrialpin Cobraframe black-matte finish
  • Polyamid Webbing Kryptek
  • ITW Nexus hook – C.L.A.S.H.
  • ITW Nexus Triglide
  • Black oxide treated steel screws
  • Camo Patterns Options:

  • Kryptek Highlander
  • Kryptek Typhon
  • Kryptek Mandrake
  • Size (approx.):

  • Closed – 25cm/9.85” height x 30cm/11.82” width
  • Open – 60cm/23.62” x 60cm/23.62”
  • Weight:

  • 1650gr (approx.)
  • 5 – Wolf Heavy Duty Operation Bag


    4 Responses to “Wolf Wind Leatherworks – Wolf Heavy Duty Operation Bag”

    1. Dellis says:

      Ya know, pretty damn innovative! I like

      • Griffin says:

        how? its just leather tac gear not innovative at all…

        • Bombsnuffer says:

          I like the possible quick access to small tools without having to dig around in your bag or in a deep pocket. It could be useful for splaying open and having some essential first aid items or fire-starting gear readily available. I’m pretty sure the very definition of innovative is the feature of a new method or idea. Can you give examples of “tac gear” that looks exactly like this, or is packaged up precisely this way? I think it’s a neat idea, and might be very useful.

    2. defiant says:

      Interesting concept, did a double-take when I saw the ways they used what seems by now a rather unconventional material for outdoor gear. Kinda stylistically matches the jacquard webbing in a way.