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Back to the Source – Historical European Martial Arts

Check out this interesting documentary on Historic European Martial Arts.

If you’re interested in taking up HEMA as a practice, check out www.hemaalliance.com.

5 Responses to “Back to the Source – Historical European Martial Arts”

  1. Dellis says:

    Very cool, always fascinated with blades of all types and disciplines.

    Now can I conceal carry a broadsword?

  2. Dev says:

    What a coincidence, I was just reading up on this a moment ago.


  3. Stefan S. says:

    The name is misleading. There was no historical European martial art. Life was short, harsh and brutal. You were either born rich or you were a serf/peasant. You lived or you died. You fought the elements, disease, plagues. You were conscripted to fight the Huns, Tartars etc. Or, you were nobility and a knight, Polish Winged Hussar or Nobility Cavalry. You didn’t have the luxury of going to a monastery and learning to be a ninja. Just pointing out the obvious.

    • mupp says:

      Actually there were European martial arts, just as there were Asian, African and MesoAmerican ones.
      Plus there were more social statues then Nobs and Peasants.

      Perhaps a book is in order, history perhaps?

  4. Will says:

    Great video, only bad thing was unfortunately these are the same guys by and large that do LARPing IE my 6 year old could kill them with a wooden spoon.