Yes, NSW Has “Adopted” the Glock 19

Glock 19

Internet forums and gun blogs are all worked up that Naval Special Warfare is adopting the Glock 19 force wide. So naturally, I started getting questions about it but I didn’t realize it was a big revelation or for that matter, a secret. You see, select elements of NSW have been using Glock 19s for years, just like other SOF, due to its reliability and concealability.

Early models were said to be adapted for use in maritime environments by equipping them with maritime cups for the firing pin. As I understand it, over time, use of the Glock 19 began to proliferate throughout the community.  Earlier this year some East Coast SEALs conducted an evaluation and the decision was made to adopt them on a wider scale.

However, they haven’t purchased additional pistols yet, nor completed a fielding plan. If there are any new users, the pistols most likely came from SOFSA.

13 Responses to “Yes, NSW Has “Adopted” the Glock 19”

  1. bulldog76 says:

    ya i kept seeing it mentioned all over and im thinking” so they’ve been using them for years what’s the big deal”

  2. Geoff says:

    Apparently the SEALs can keep a lid on things…


  3. mike says:

    excellent, a bunch of cheap 226s are going to hit the gun boards

  4. Dellis says:

    Don’t own a Glock but have run a G19 for a day at the range and honestly, while a nice gun, my cz p07 and p09 ran just as good if not better. Much better ergonomics on my CZ’s for sure.

    I will most likely get a G19 because the market is so set up for the support of the gun…it is astounding.

    • PETE says:

      There is a message in the market support. Amazing market share in 25 years, comparable to the Browning. High Power.

  5. Mac says:

    Shall we count the days til there is a book about it?

  6. Disco says:

    Navy SEALs use an appropriate weapon for their yasks at hand.
    Film at 11.

    The Sig fan boys will be furious.

  7. BlackGSD says:

    The price they will be paying for Glocks will make them almost disposable. Good for them for a couple of reasons however, a Sig which someone has shown some love to will not be out done by a Glock. Chris Kyle carried a 220 for a reason. This is a huge advertising gig for G as well but i dont buy SEAL milk either

  8. Norbis says:

    Eheem…. USASOC….

  9. Mike Hargreaves says:

    Best carry pistol, in the free world. I wonder will they go for the Glock night sights. 67.00US, at the plant in Georgia! My G19 Gen4 just keeps on ticking.