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TacJobs – Faxon Firearms – Marketing & Operations 1

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A collaborative content creator dedicated to the success of Company marketing efforts. The Marketing & Operations employee develops all Company external communication tools including video, audio, printed, and electronic content. The employee enjoys the constant challenge of creating and maintaining a cohesive look and feel across multiple brands while developing value in the product sold through the mentioned content.

Reports to:

Director of Sales, Marketing, & Operations
Operations Coordinator

Direct Reports


Duties and Responsibilities:

Creation of all Company multi-media including videos, audio, and print media.
Coordinates Company tradeshow efforts & logistics
Under the direction of Management, content cultivation of all company social media presences including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & outside forums.
Manage updates of company website including pricing, availability, content, etc.
Photography & Videography of all Company Marketing efforts.
Photo, Video, & Audio editing of raw content to create comprehensive & cohesive company messaging.
Champions the weekly video technical updates & demonstrations
Safety and competently demonstrates any Faxon Firearms products.
Field customer service and retail calls as required when other personnel are not available.
Work within company policy as outlined in the Faxon Handbook.
Perform other duties as assigned by the Company.

Daily Activities

Creation of weekly newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns.
Photographs and records new products for sales & marketing efforts.
Creation of all Marketing content including visual and written copy as needed.
Monitors company social media presences and proactively communicates with customers.
Works to meet and grow social media metrics collaboratively as agreed upon and set by the Director.
Records all calls with clients in CRM tool. Maintains records and follows-up timely.

Candidate Minimum Requirements

Established history of creating high-production-value mutli-media content
*-A portfolio of previous work will be required with the application.
Minimum education: high school diploma.
Basic understanding of firearms, their function, and technical details.
Established competency in using computers, cell phones, and modern communications technologies.
Expertise in using Adobe Creative Suite or similar software.
Competence in writing Press Releases, their distribution, and follow-up with key press contacts.
Ability to plain and execute a successful tradeshow including booth management and logistics.
Proactive attitude that does not require constant supervision.
Charismatic personality and confidence in conducting product demonstrations.
Ability to travel up to 2 weeks a Quarter via car and airplane.

Previous firearms marketing experience.
Experience managing outside Public Relations firms.
Track-record of managing the press including product reviews, features, and other coverage.
Detailed exposure to firearms and the ability to discuss technical features in detail.
Web development experience in webstore environment.

Review Schedule

Faxon Firearms strongly believes in a continuous feedback circle between the Company, to Supervisor, to employee.

Bi-Annual comprehensive reviews on employee performance and setting sales metrics.
30-Day after hiring initial review & strategy discussion.
60-Day after hiring secondary review on action items and needed resolutions.
90-Day final probationary review

Compensation & Benefits

The Marketing & Operations I position will be a salary (exempt) position. The Marketing & Operations I candidate will be an employee of Faxon Firearms/Machining with competitive company benefits including paid vacation, health insurance, disability insurance, etc.

Firearms from the company will be available for check-out during employment and available for purchase at substantial discount.

Physical Effort:

While performing the duties of this job the employee is regularly required to talk or hear. The employee frequently is required to stand, walk, sit and use hands to finger, handle or feel objects, tools or controls. The employee is occasionally required to reach with hands and arms, climb or balance, and stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl.

The employee will regularly lift weights above 50 pounds from the ground and potentially above the shoulders.

Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus and distinguish color.

1. Work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations.
2. Follow & enforce Company safety rules.
3. Report the absence of or defect in any protective equipment or clothing Director immediately.
4. Use or wear the equipment, protective devices or clothing that is required to be used or worn:
Safety shoes
Safety glasses
Hearing protection
2. Maintain a clean and safe work area.

Environmental Conditions:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee infrequently works in outside weather conditions, occasionally works near moving mechanical parts and is occasionally exposed to fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals, and risk of electrical shock.

The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate, but punctuated with high SPL firearms discharges. The employee will be required to wear hearing protection during these discharges.

Personnel Protection Requirements (PPE):

Required – safety glasses, Hearing Protection,
Optional – Safety Boots

Prospective employees may send their resumes to [email protected].

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4 Responses to “TacJobs – Faxon Firearms – Marketing & Operations 1”

  1. Stickman says:

    No one else has commented yet, so I’ll go ahead and make a reply, and I’ll even try to be constructive.

    First, you are looking for a photography professional.

    Second is a videographer, along with an audio specialist.

    Third, you want a software/ graphics pro who is able to use Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro or After Effects.

    The above are three different jobs if you want any level of professionalism. Most of the time these are individual teams, or are outsourced to retain a level of quality. In house production? You are looking at a large expenditure for equipment, as well as a good deal of room, at least if you want it done right.

    Weekly newsletters and marketing campaigns? Weekly? That isn’t a quick flash in the pan done while over lunch, that is a time sponge. A big time sponge.

    Champions the weekly video technical updates & demonstrations? Weekly? That alone would keep your video crew busy nonstop.

    Safely and competently demonstrates any Faxon Firearms products? Your marketing guy is also the demo guy? So he/ she videos and shoots pics of themselves? It can be done, but it certainly isn’t easy, especially if you do it right and show it from multiple angles.

    Field customer service and retail calls as required when other personnel are not available? No, just no. You are so far overboard with what you are looking for that to throw this in is beyond obscene. You can’t keep stopping your work on large projects to answer phones, it doesn’t work that way and isn’t professional.

    You also have this individual doing all the copy work? Come on guys…

    You also state the employee will create a “cohesive look and feel across multiple brands”. WAIT! MULTIPLE BRANDS? This person works for multiple companies doing all of the above? You can’t be serious, it isn’t possible.

    This person is also expected to be an exceptional shooter, as they run product demonstrations, and are expected to travel?

    If this wasn’t enough, the website falls under their responsibility as well?

    Moving on to desired experience. You want someone who has…

    Firearm specific experience in marketing? Certainly doable, but they won’t have the traits you are looking for listed about.

    “Experience managing outside Public Relations firms.” You really want someone who has managed PR firms to step into the position you have listed? Managing a PR firm isn’t what your job listings is asking for, and to be honest, it makes me wonder if your “marketing manager” does anything at all.

    “Track-record of managing the press including product reviews, features, and other coverage”. I have to laugh at this one, let me know how well you expect an outside source to “manage” this website, or any others which are part of the press. You don’t get to manage product reviews, not if they are legit.

    You also want a firearms expert who can discuss weapons in full technical detail? I would submit to you that you won’t be able to find someone who will be able to tell you the cycle of operation on the M4/AR15, never mind anything else.

    On top of this, you want someone who will regularly lift 50+lbs above their head? For a media / marketing/ demo/ travel/ sales/ photographer/ video/ audio/ as needed position?

    Lastly, there is nothing listed for pay, only the promise of a slow death through salary while working a job that is going to require a minimum of 80+ hours a week and working at home.

    I’ve been in this industry for a pretty long time. I’ll make a suggestion that won’t be liked, but if there is an expectation of getting quality results, you will end up doing it eventually anyway. Cut the list down, and sub out a bunch of the work. Go with contract employees or an outside firm to get the content you need, and find someone who does graphics and can do a website. You won’t get a professional photographer, and that is where you make your money back. Sales are generated by a quality product, reflected in clean, attractive pictures. Images that make people want to be a part of what you are showing is what works for the masses. Skip that part, and you are quite simply wasting your time. If your product doesn’t stand out, the party is over before it starts.

    Best of luck, and get your website cleaned up ASAP. I know a few various people who can do it, and before anyone comments, there is not a chance at all I am trying to insert myself into this nightmare.


    • Thor says:


      I worried you think they are looking for more than what they are actually posting about. I mean, they didn’t even proofread their submitted post, so they gotta be pretty relaxed environment over there. Mostly they just want a guy to put up cool pictures on facebook and be able to use constantcontact.

      And hold a video camera.

      And edit.

      oh, I see where you’re going.

    • We appreciate your feedback and find your assessment of the position quite funny.

      To “Thor’s” point we are a relaxed environment looking for someone with reasonable creative skills across a wide variety of areas, not perfect in all of them. There are people like that out there, as most graphic designers straight out of school can handle the responsibilities.

      Despite your assessment, we have quite a few resumes from candidates and hope more will show interest.

      We are a rapidly growing company looking for talent to match our own at manufacturing. If you are interested, we welcome your resume. If not, we wish you the best.

      • Stickman says:

        While I don’t have any of your products, I hear very good things about them from those who have, especially your barrels. I can certainly understand your desire to find one person who can do it all so to speak.

        Best of luck guys, both with product and employees, a good crew certainly makes a world of difference.